UPSR tips on Astro channels

KAMPUS Astro has launched a new initiative on television to help schoolchildren taking the UPSR examinations soon.

Astro TVIQ (Channel 552), Astro Vaanavil (Channel 201) and Astro Xiao Tai Yang (Channel 325), have been airing a series of educational programmes with each episode lasting 15 minutes to bring useful tips to the students.

The episodes will be aired during the weekends and start at 1.30pm.

Astro education head Yasmin Megat said that television had a great ability to engage and entertain since it was a huge part of many children’s lives.

Exam-oriented countries like the United Kingdom and Korea, were already using TV programmes and e-learning websites to assist students with revision, Yasmin said.

“With this in mind, we have created a variety of UPSR programmes that will hopefully make exam revision a little less painful,” she said.

The UPSR programmes are designed to deliver useful knowledge for the examination, through an enjoyable learning experience beyond the classroom and introduce some fun into the study environment.

Kampus Astro’s new lineup for the exam season includes ‘UPSR!’, a bilingual programme in English and Bahasa Malaysia aired on Astro TVIQ,

The Xiao Tai Yang Fun Tuition in Chinese is aired on Astro Xiao Tai Yang while the UPSR 2009 Vettri Unggal Kaiyile (Victory In Your Hands)’ in Tamil will be on Astro Vaanavil.

Information about the UPSR subjects would be conveyed through the use of animation and graphics, role-play, or through the engaging delivery of qualified and experienced teachers.

In the future, Kampus Astro aims to offer more locally-relevant educational programmes across the various learning channels, including content that complements the school syllabus.

Interested pupils would also be able to sit for a trial UPSR exam online, by registering onto the Astro website at

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