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  • Sunday, 04 Jan 2004

LAST week we looked at the six common personality types and their traits. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore as no one is one type and everyone is a mixture of types, we are all unique. We have talents, skills, values, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses of our own. Once we discover and identify them we will be in a better position to know what type of working environment we will be comfortable in.  

Tick those personality traits that best describe you and we’ll show you how to base your evaluation on your three highest scores. 

Matching careers 

Dr John Holland also divides the working environment into six common types – Realistic Environment, Investigative Environment, Artistic Environment, Social Environment, Enterprising Environment and Conventional Environment.  

The realistic person will seek a realistic environment in which to work, while an investigative person will seek an investigative environment. However, sometimes it is difficult to have a perfect match, so we have to fall back on a combination of three-letter codes, for example: ARI, AIR, RAI, RIA, IAR and IRA 

By looking at these six combinations of the three-letter code, you will have a larger number of careers to explore and greater flexibility. Due to space constraints all the careers under each three-letter code cannot be listed here. However, it is hoped that the careers listed below will get you started on finding your matching careers. Again, each career will lead you to other related careers.  


Realistic Environment 

RIS – Forester, Helicopter Pilot, Mechanical Engineer, Tool Designer, Operating Engineer 

RIE – Geologist (Petroleum), Airplane Pilot, Automotive Engineer, Biomedical Equipment Technician, Mining Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Test Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic (Electrical and Radio), Die Maker (Jewellery), Electrician, Farmer, Instrument Mechanic (Appliances), Laboratory Technician, Machinist, Optician, Sound Technician. 

RIC – Optical Engineer, Instrumentation Technician, Radio Station Operator 

RAI – Sculptor 

RAS – Cook, Pastry Chef 

RAE – Floral Designer, Sound Effects Technician 

RSI – Ultrasound Technologist, Bridge Inspector, Display Maker  

RSE – Car Mechanic, Bricklayer, Cook (Hotel and Restaurant), Electrical Appliances Repairer, Gamekeeper, Poultry Farmer, Upholsterer, Baker, Butcher, Tailor 

RSC – Silversmith 

REI – Materials Engineer, Production Planner, Traffic Technician, Fish Breeder, Fumigator, Optician, Ship’s Captain, Quality Control Technician (Food), Scuba Diver 

REA – Cook, Chef, Marine Service Manager 

RES – Radiological Equipment Specialist, Airplane Inspector, Animal Breeder (Agriculture), Animal Trainer, Diver, Firefighter, Fish and Game Warden, Flight Engineer, Jockey, Locomotive Engineer, Bookbinder 

REC –Orchard Manager, Marine Surveyor, Construction Inspector, Jeweller 

RCI – Software Technician, Audiovisual Technician 

RCS – Radiation Technician, Instrument Repairer 

RCE – Estimator, Orthodontic Technician, Chief Inspector 


Investigative Environment 

IRA – Surgeon, Veterinarian 

IRS – Aeronautical Engineer, Agronomist, Animal Scientist, Biochemist, Forest Ecologist, Geneticist, Soil Scientist, Chemical Research Engineer, Laboratory Technician (Chemical), Meteorologist 

IRE – Aeronautical Research Engineer (Aeronautical), Archaeologist, Architect, Marine, Biomedical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Chemist, Food, Applications Engineer (Computer), Electrical Engineer, Power System, Environmental Analyst, Geologist, Marine Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Pathologist, Physicist, Programmer (Engineer and Scientific), Public Health Dentist, Statistician, System Engineer, Airplane Pilot, Civil Engineer, Credit Analyst, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Research Engineer, Statistician, Surveyor 

IRC – Nuclear Engineer, Recovery Engineer 

IAS – Appraiser (Art), Economist 

IRA – Biologist, Dermatologist, Dietician, Research, Food Technologist, Psychologist, Safety Engineer, Airport Engineer, Optometrist 

ISA – Psychiatrist, Medical Technologist, Nurse 

ISE – Cardiologist, General Practice Physician 

ISC – Physician (Occupational), Scientific Linguist, Translator, Market Research Analyst 

IER – Chief Engineer, Mathematician, Pollution Control Engineer, Systems Analyst 

IEA – Quality Control, Land Surveyor, Medical Technologist 

IES – Safety Manager, Sociologist, Appraiser, Electronics Test Engineer, Nurse, Pharmacist 

IEC – Highway Administrative Engineer, Fire Protection Engineer, Programmer (Information Systems) 

ICR – Auditor (Internal), Management Analyst, Programmer 


Artistic Environment 

ARS – Stage Technician 

ARE – Displayer (Merchandise), Pastry Chef and Cake Decorator 

AIR – Building Architect, Landscape Architect 

AIS – Restorer (Paper and Prints) 

AIE – Cryptanalyst and Illustrator (Medical and Scientific) 

ASR – Fashion Designer, Pewterer 

ASI – Copywriter, Laserist, Musician 

ASE – Composer, Editor, Humorist, Librettist, Lyricist, Playwright, Story Editor, Dramatic Coach, Exhibit Designer, Reporter, Teacher, Advertising Manager 

AER – Sculptor, Bank Note Designer, Cloth Designer, Dancer, Make-up Artist, Salesperson, Acrobat, Equestrian 

AES – Audiovisual Production Specialist, Critic, Editor, Poet, Writer, Account Executive, Actor, Archivist, Art Director, Cartoonist, Choreographer, Colour Expert, Comedian, Creative Director, Furniture Designer, Interior Designer, Sales Representative, Teacher 

ARI – Model Maker        

ASC – Police Artist, Singing Messenger        

AEI – Arranger, Patent Agent, Screenwriter, Commercial Designer, Fashion Artist, Mime, Package Designer, Puppeteer 

Social Environment 

SIA – Psychologist, Staff Nurse, Dictionary Editor  

SIE – Medical Record Administrator, Insurance Claims Examiner, Consultant, (Educational/ Board of Nursing), Dietician, Physical Therapist, District Superviser 

SAI – Minister/Priest, Speech Pathologist, Librarian, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant 

SAE – Career Counsellor, Teacher, Title Attorney 

SER – Hospital Administrator, Librarian, Community Worker, Executive Chef, Physical Education Instructor, Department Store Manager, Detective, Employee Relations Specialist, General Claims Agent, Hairstylist, Fast Food Services Manager, Public Safety Officer, Supervisor, Audit Clerk, Tax Auditor, Commissioner (Public Work) 

SEI – College or University Faculty Member, Political Scientist, Psychologist, Historian, Nurse, Park Naturalist, Recreation Leader, Insurance Agent, Attorney, Loan Officer 

SEA – Editor, Arbitrator, Dean of Studies, Public Services Director, Religious Education Director, Research Director, Academic Dean, Television Director 

SEC – Educational Therapist, Primary School Teacher, Fundraiser, Probation Officer, Residence Counsellor, Safety Manager, Social Worker, Teacher, Counsellor, Fire Inspector, Recreational Therapist, Claims Agent, Financial Aids Officer, Agent, Licensing Clerk, Teacher (Disabled), Registrar (Government Service), Police Academy Programme Coordinator 

SCE – Appraiser, Real Estate Agent 

SRI – Radiological Technologist 

SRE – Athletics Trainer, Coach (Professional), Dietetic Technician, Flying Instructor, Detective, Investigator, Optician 

SIR – Doctor, Naturopathic, Horticultural Therapist, Nurse, Podiatrist, Respiratory Therapist, Magician, Photographer, Singer, Auctioneer, Model 


Enterprising Environment 

ERI – Chemical Equipment Sales Engineer, Research & Development Director, Sales Engineer, Mechanical Equipment, Electronics Engineer 

ERS – Broker’s Floor Representative, Sales Representative 

EIR – Business Enterprise Officer, Foreign Exchange Trader, Industrial Engineer, Port Engineer, Radiation Therapy Technologist 

EIA – Communications Consultant 

EIS – Educational Specialist, Education and Training Manager, Buyer, Laboratory Supervisor, Dental Laboratory Manager 

EAI – College or University Department Head, Record Analysis Manager 

EAS – Columnist/Commentator, Fashion Coordinator, Public Relations Representative, Salesperson, Fashion Model 

ESR – College or University Business Manager, Claims Adjuster, Credit Analyst, Financial Planner, Head Coach, Human Resource Adviser, Business Education Instructor, Airport Manager, Manager (Athlete), Bakery Manager, Brokerage Office Manager, Customer Technical Services Manager, Hotel or Motel Manager, Labour Relations Officer, Radio or TV Station Manager, Traffic Manager, Warehouse Manager, Educational Institution Head, Real Estate Agent, Announcer (Amusement and Recreation), Electrician, Landscape Contractor, Bus Transportation Company Manager, Dairy Farm Manager, Travel Agency Manager, Pesticide Control Inspector, Purchasing Agent, Sales Agent Insurance, Executive Housekeeper 

ESI – Auditor, Procurement Engineer 

ECS – Accountant (Tax) 


Conventional Environment 

CRI – Business Programmer, Fire-protection Engineering Technician, Receipt and Report Clerk 

CRS – Accountant, Cost Clerk, Occupational Safety and Health Inspector, Travel Agent, Accountant Budget, Control Clerk Data Processing, General-Ledger Bookkeeper, Media Clerk, Transit Clerk, Accounting Clerk (Data Processing), Control Inspector, X-Ray Inspector, Office Clerk 

CIE – Building Inspector 

CSR – Computer Operator, Accounting Clerk, Braille Typist, Data Typist, Food and Beverage Controller, Invoice Control Clerk, Payroll Clerk (Data Processing), Reinsurance Clerk, Accounts-Adjustable Clerk, Ticketing Clerk (Air Transportation), Trust-Savings Accounts Clerk 

CSI – Editorial Assistant, Financial Analyst, Proof Reader 

CSE – Accountant, Business Commercial Teacher, Medical Record Technician, Underwriter, Account Analyst, Cashier, Secretary, Administrative Clerk, Insurance Claims Clerk, Engineering Document Control Clerk, Internal Affairs Investigator, Legal Secretary, Personnel Clerk, Policyholder-Information Clerk 

CER – Budget Analyst, Central-Supply Worker, Glass Inspector 

CEI – Programmer 

CES – Cost Accountant, Fire-prevention Research Engineer, Employment Clerk, Medical Secretary, Passport Application Examiner, Quality Control Coordinator, Script Reader, Tax Preparer, Shipping Order Clerk, Toll Collector        



The above list is by no means exhaustive.  

It is a guide to explore careers that match your interest.  

In case none of the above careers interest you, it is suggested that you pursue your own expressed interests or ambitions.  

If you are still in doubt or need further assistance in planning your career, you can write to: 



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