Blended green juices or smoothies do a good job at detoxifying

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  • Tuesday, 04 Nov 2014

Fantastic innovation: A masticating juicer is a juicing machine that prevents healthy enzymes from being destroyed.

Green juice versus green smoothie — one is the consistency of water, the other is thick liquid. Is there more to it? The answer is a definite yes.

I started my juicing days prior to my first body detox session 11 years ago. The results of that detox session bore some terrifying encounters, which I will share another day.

However surprising the experience was, I was also thoroughly enlightened about my state of health and noticed the incredible benefits of juicing.

Thus began a ritual in our household — the act of juicing! My husband and I would lug two shopping bags full of vegetables and fruits weekly just for juicing, and those are in addition to our four bags containing a multitude of squashes, greens, fruits, beans, lentils, grains and nuts to cater to our plant-based diet.

Each morning, we would potter around the kitchen, cut up two stalks of celery, two apples, an inch of ginger, a bunch of green leaves such as kailan or spinach, and clean a cup of leafy herbs such as parsley. I would slowly push down these ingredients one at a time, into our masticating juicer (a juicing machine that prevents healthy enzymes from being destroyed), and watch the goodness pressed out.

Yes it was a slow process, so you can imagine my happiness when a wide-mouth slow juicer that masticates whole apples, appeared. That saved me from having to cut and press down the ingredients! Innovation is fantastic!

This entire ritual might take up some time of our mornings, but it has become an integral part of our lives. With juicing, we are assured that we consume a large part of our daily plant requirements. In addition, juicing in the morning helps us rid waste and toxins that accumulate in our cells and tissues.

Toxins build up over time, from years of exposure to less than perfect foods, pollution, preservatives, toxic additives, medications and other sources.

It is interesting to note that according to Lisa James, who wrote about “Clean and Lean” in Energy Times, the more toxicity we have in our body, the faster we age and the more we will struggle to maintain our ideal weight. Kimberly Snyder, a nutritionist, pointed out that both old and new wastes accumulate constantly, so it is important to cleanse our system regularly, and regularly should be every day.

The best internal cleansers are vegetables and fruits. Encouraged by this knowledge, we have been diligent with making our green drink regularly.

Over time, we acquired a blender and this added another dimension to our routine, where we are able to incorporate smoothies into our repertoire.

The green smoothie is based on Dr Ann Wigmore’s philosophy of blended food. One of her major theory is that by blending foods before eating them, you “predigest” them so the body does not have to work to break down the foods, leaving more energy for other functions such as digestion and cleansing.

With a green smoothie too, while I enjoy the deliverance of high nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, I also receive a high volume of fibre that helps keep me feeling full throughout the morning. And we know, fibre helps greatly in the bowel department, which is another plus!

Making a nice green smoothie can be tricky if your blender doesn’t break down leafy greens well.

Both a green juice or a green smoothie, as I have discovered, do a good job in “cleaning out” the body. However, which you choose will depend on how quick you want the toxins to come out.

The green juice being stripped of fibre hits the system in a stronger way cleansing-wise while delivering nutrients quicker to cells and tissues. However, for people with a highly acidic and toxic body resulting from years of improper diet and less-than-perfect lifestyle could do better to start on green smoothies as a gentler process to ease the body into cleaning out, instead of shocking the system (source: The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder).

A purposeful three to five days detox on a strict diet, like most things, has to be planned. And when it doesn’t fit due to lifestyle inconvenience, then I rely on either my green juice or smoothie for continuous everyday cleansing and potent nutrients. A large glass a day satisfies my aim.

I have shared my green beverage with those who are willing to try, and some liked it but others prefer it slightly sweeter. If you do, feel free to add other fruits.

Fresh fruits and half a lemon juice can cut through and balance out the green taste. In our household, we change up our choices of plant ingredients according to what is seasonal.

I hope you give this green beverage a shot, and let me know how you feel about it. Have a good, healthy November!

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