Reveal names of ministers who supported licence renewal, demands Anti-Lynas group

KUANTAN: Calling it a betrayal, Himpunan Hijau is demanding the government to reveal the names of ministers who supported Lynas' licence renewal.

The anti-Lynas activist group said a news report stated there were "at least three ministers" in favour of Lynas' licence renewal, although Lynas had failed to remove its radioactive wastes from the country.

"Whereas all ministers who were against Lynas' operations when they were in the opposition remained consistent with their stand.

"Out of the 28-member Cabinet, 19 are from the disbanded Pakatan Rakyat (PR). If Malaysiakini's report is accurate, 19 votes from PR ministers would have given a two-third majority against Lynas' licence renewal.

"That being the case, how did the final decision to extend Lynas' licence come about?" Himpunan Hijau asked in a statement on Sunday (Aug 4).

"Himpunan Hijau demands the government to reveal the names of ministers who support Lynas' licence renewal because the people wants to know who have betrayed us, " the group added.

On Saturday (Aug 3), Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin said the Cabinet had taken into account the issue of public safety and had arrived at a decision.

However, Yeo said this decision was not the most ideal for her but better than status quo.

It is likely that her original intention for Lynas to ship out the water leach purification residue had been shot down by the Cabinet.

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