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  • Saturday, 26 May 2018

MANY pedestrian bridges in various parts of the Klang Valley today are not put to good use because the public have a negative impression of them due to poor maintenance and lack of safety features.

Pedestrians would rather dash across busy roads than use the pedestrian bridges that they deemed unsafe.

There are also those who prefer not to use overhead pedestrian crossings for fear they will be targeted by criminals, as there have been several cases of senior citizens being attacked or robbed on such bridges in the past.

Such incidents have put fear into pedestrians and the time has come to make overhead bridges safe for use by the public.

In this regard, local authorities responsible for the upkeep of pedestrian bridges must take all necessary steps to ensure they are safe for use.

The common complaint from the public about overhead bridges is that they are filthy with poor. or even no, lighting.

The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) wishes to suggest to all local authorities to look into the following measures to ensure that overhead bridges are safe to use.

• Ensure all overhead bridges are frequently inspected, cleaned, properly lighted and well-maintained;

• Do not permit billboards or banners to obstruct the sight of pedestrians crossing the bridges; and

• Random checks by the police or other enforcement personnel to ensure safety of the public using overhead bridges.

Let the authorities take these measures to ensure all pedestrian bridges are safe for road crossing.



Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation


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