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Tough act to bring political rivals together

North View - By Stephen Then
DISCUSSIONS on seat allocation among Sarawak Barisan Nasional component parties for the coming parliamentary elections that will coincide with the 14th general election is going to be a thorny affair.

The late Adenan (centre) had initiated efforts to bring UPP leaders like Wong (left) and SUPP’s Datuk Lee Kim Shin together. — filepic

On the right track to promote cycling in Selangor

From Koo Wee Hon of Petaling Jaya.

Authorities need to come down hard on motorists who illegally park or drive along dedicated bicycle lanes. — filepic

Here’s to man’s best friend

Canine buddies even surprise me with their excellent ‘table manners’, writes A.R. Amiruddin.

Concerned over politician’s pledge to lift ban on plastic bags

From Henry Goh, Malaysian Nature Society president.

Phasing out of the use of plastic bags must not be stopped, says Malaysian Nature Society. —filepic

TOD and high-density living key to sustainable living

From CG Tiong of Petaling Jaya.

Share the joy of the season

North view - By Stephen Then
IT IS that time of the year when the Chinese are busy preparing for their reunion dinners and festivities, with the Lunar New Year only a day away.

There are many like Uncle Kuan who have no one to celebrate the festive season with.

Reeling from pong of pollution

Pinang Points - By Arnold Loh
IRISH jokes poke fun at Irishmen’s love for drinking. American jokes tease them for being loud and belligerent.

What's smart parenting in a smartphone-dominated world?

Smartphone-obsessed kids – it's a problem every modern-day parent struggles with. Just what do you do about it?

Simple hobbies of olden days

Fish duels in glass jars and cock-fighting kept villagers entertained.

Hoarding items is not recycling

I REFER to the article “Recycling habit gone awry” that was published by StarMetro on Jan 26 and support the action taken by the authorities against hoarders.