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Suggestions to improve KL’s liveability

AS A resident of Kuala Lumpur, here are some suggestions for the new mayor to improve our liveability rankings.

Hoping for a united stand

THE de facto law minister Datuk Liew Vui Keong announced this week that the Government will amend Article 1(2) of the Federal Constitution to reinstate Sarawak and Sabah as equal partners with Peninsular Malaysia.

Sarawakians must unite and reject new taxes that will be a burden

“Lagi banyak cukai? Apa hal ini kerajaan baru?” (More new taxes? What is the new Government doing?).

Sarawakians must unite against unfair taxes that will furthrt burden them in trying economic times. — Filepic

Animal cruelty must be stopped

North view - By Stephen Then
There are claims that dogs are being dumped, cruelly confined and badly treated and even mercilessly killed by not just their owners but also certain quarters working for the local authorities during this ongoing rabies-outbreak in Miri and the rest of Sarawak.

Resolve woes of stateless individuals in Sarawak

North view by Stephen ThenI have just come across another two homeless individuals living in Miri city centre - and they are stateless too.

Still waiting on election promises

Will the Government deliver or are rosy pledges meant to be broken anyway?

A boost for our democratic process

IT looks like 18-year-old Malaysians will finally be allowed to vote by the next general election.