Traffic woes to spill over

I refer to the StarMetro report on Sept 18 titled “No more shortcut via small stretch in Cheras” which carried the complaints of Taman Fern Grove and Taman Intan residents putting up with the traffic.

We sympathise with residents of the area (comprising fewer than 100 homes) where Jalan Pakis 2/Jalan Intan 1 is located.

That small stretch of road serves as a vital link for thousands of people from adjacent neighbourhoods comprising more than 12 housing estates.

Closing the stretch will adversely affect these residents who use it for their daily commute.

These residents of adjacent areas objected to the proposed closure at a meeting held by Kajang Municipal Council on Aug 29.

Various residents’ associa-tions have also sent letters opposing the move.

In fact, this small stretch of road is but a relatively new shortcut, the original route being from Jalan Masria - Jalan Pakis and directly into Persiaran Awana.

It is our opinion that Taman Cuepacs area has become the victim of tremendous development.

The proposed closure of the stretch will impact traffic flow and cause congestion, road rage, pollution and accidents along Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3, which is the main artery connecting 40 to 50 housing estates in this area.

Houses situated right next to and adjacent to Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3 will face the brunt of even more diverted traffic from the proposed closure of the roads.

Indeed, traffic from the two housing estates where residents requested closure of the stretch will now feed into roads in Taman Cuepacs once the aforesaid stretch is closed.

Should we now blockade and stop residents of the two estates from using roads in Taman Cuepacs?

As we respect the law, we will abide by it and will not resort to such action.

Several roads in Taman Ferngrove (including Jalan Pakis 3 and Lorong Pakis 1) have been blockaded permanently for several years.

Even Jalan Pakis 4, which is the access road from Taman Fern Grove/Taman Intan to Taman Cuepacs, is partially blocked with cement blocks.

We hope local authorities will be impartial in their treatment and consideration of all neighbourhoods.

If the closure of Jalan Pakis 2/Jalan Intan 1 does happen, then the authorities must consider the consequences like an accident or incident causing a blockage or closure of Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3.

In such an event, access to and from 50 housing estates will be seriously disrupted including access to emergency and security services.

The spillover from such an incident will cause major problems in getting access to Police Gerakan Am Base and disrupt traffic on the Grand Saga Highway located just a few hundred metres away from Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3.

Much of the traffic problem arises from toll booths on the highway, also known as Cheras Kajang Highway.

The only exit before the 7th mile Cheras toll for all housing estates is the exit to Jalan Masria and Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3.

A huge amount of traffic diverts into these roads as an alternative route.

Abolish the toll and let traffic flow freely. Right now, even roads are being designed so that any new entry to housing estates is after the toll.

Case in point is the new entry from Grand Saga Highway into You City/Emerald 9 development adjacent to Taman Cuepacs.

This new direct entry into this development is just after the toll.

This means that to avoid it, more traffic will divert into Taman Masria/Taman Cuepacs via the alternative route of Jalan Masria/Jalan Koop Cuepacs 3.

We the residents here are victims of this toll, warped planning and so-called alternative route syndrome.


Taman Cuepacs Residents Association

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