Beggars marring Melaka’s image

MELAKA: There is a growing number of beggars on the streets of Melaka and this is affecting the state’s image and tourism industry, said state Transport, Works and Public Amenities Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sofi Wahab.

He said he was worried over this negative trend in the city.

“Some even knock on motorists’ window at traffic junctions asking for money.

“We have to stop them before the state’s image as a tourism destination is marred,” he said.

He said besides locals, foreigners had also resorted to begging on the streets.

“They are looking for easy income,” he said, adding that he was alerted about the problem by some concerned locals.

“There are many tourists here all the time and the beggars are taking advantage of their generosity and that of the locals as well,” said Mohd Sofi.

“The authorities must take action immediately and rid our streets of such people.

“If necessary, send those out begging to welfare homes and in the case of foreigners, do the necessary.

“Some of the beggars look fit and healthy.

“They are probably reluctant to work for a living and find this easier and lucrative,” he said.