Taiwan museum holding interactive exhibition in Penang

Visitors learning how to make a simple mosquito trap.

Visitors learning how to make a simple mosquito trap.

LEARNING about infectious diseases like dengue fever and influenza has been made easy through fun and interactive means.

The Disease Prevention Combat Camp, an exhibition by the National Science & Technology Museum, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), is now being held at Tech Dome in Komtar until Dec 31.

Tech Dome Penang chief executive officer Dr Khong Yoon Loong said the exhibition was held because both diseases are common in Malaysia and Taiwan.

“The exhibition uses simple graphics and texts to introduce the cause, transmission methods, symptoms and prevention methods of infectious diseases.

“It will allow visitors to know more about the diseases through interesting and challenging interactive games.

“With the new-found knowledge, visitors can apply it in their daily lives to decrease the threat of infectious diseases,” he said at the recent launching.

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Dr P. Ramasamy opened the event.

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