Improving state’s investment potential

IN THE last three months, many investors have shown an interest in investing in the state.

State investment and corridor development committee chairman Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin (PH-Sungai Rapat) said these were returning investors who were imposed with certain conditions by the previous state government.

Mohammad Nizar said the move affected investments in the state.

“Therefore, I have taken the initiative to set up an Industrial and Investment Advisory Council.

“This is to ensure that Perak’s legacy as a investment hub continues,” he said while replying to a question by Datuk Sham Mat Sahat (PAS-Alor Pongsu).

Sham asked about the increase of new investments approved in the state.

Mohammad Nizar said investors from China, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and Britain were among those who discussed with the state government and InvestPerak.

He said the council played a role to draft the direction of the industrial sector in the state, besides providing practical and useful ideas and input.

“The state government will reinforce the existing industrial parks and look at the potential to create an industrial city in the near future,” he added.

Mohammad Nizar said with the data received from the Malaysia Investment Develop-ment Board, investments approved in the state from January to March this year totalled RM249.8mil.

A total of RM235.7mil is local investments and RM14.1mil are foreign investments.

He said the difference between the local and foreign investments was approximately RM221.6mil.

“We are hoping for investments to increase this year, with the change in policies, such as lower taxes, efficient services and complete infrastructure,” he added.