Rats! It's fake news

THE video clip of huge rats having the run of a restaurant kitchen alleged to be in Kuala Lumpur has turned out to be fake news.

According to a DBKL health officer, the health department carried out an inspection of a restaurant purported to be the outlet in the video being shared on social media after it was brought to their attention. However, they have given the eatery the all-clear.

It was, after all, a false alarm.

In addition, the providence of the video in question has been traced to China. The clip is said to have begun circulating about three days prior and was carried on the Express news site in the United Kingdom on June 1. 

It appears that in the act of sharing the video, the question of which eatery the video depicted became localised either because of speculation or mischief.

In any case, DBKL, which dutifully sprang into action, has laid the matter to rest.

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