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Coffee outlet sees red over fake news on social media

KLUANG: Kluang Rail Coffee Sdn Bhd has denied allegations that two customers have died due to leptospirosis (rat urine disease) after eating at theoutlet, as viralled on social media.

The participants from various agencies taking part in a mock drill at the Kluang Railway Station.
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Helpless in bid to save farmlands

HER lethargic face reveals the turmoil within her mind. At 88, Chu Yau who lost her 90-year-old husband Foong Kam earlier this year, was dealt another blow recently.

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Residents want long-term solution to sewage backflow

AMBANG Botanic 1 residents are hoping for a respite from the decade-long sewage issue plaguing their neighbourhood in Klang.

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Will to excel paves the way

EIGHTEEN graduated from AeU’s doctoral degree programmes comprising nine in the field of business administra­tion, three in education, two with PhDs in ICT and four with Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

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Proposal to make Johor a medical hub

JOHOR BARU: Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim plans to create a medical hub here by having more hospitals.

Tunku Ismail (in black jacket) greeting a patient during his visit to Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru
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Rousing farewell for deities

AFTER offering prayers and observing a vegetarian diet for nine days, it was time for devotees to send the Kew Ong Yeah (Nine Emperor Gods) back to heaven.

The Electric Techno Neon Gods from Taiwan joining in the procession.
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Distinctive diamond comes to Malaysia

THE Ashoka diamond, known for its unique 62-facet cut, is lending its dazzling charm to the local shopping scene.

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Rewarding unsung community heroes

NINE deserving Malaysians hailed as the nation’s true heroes have been awarded Monspace’s 2018 True Heroes Charity Award for their various acts of kindness.

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Great deals in time for festive season

WHEN Malaysians talk about home expos, one of the first things to come to mind would be Perfect Lifestyle ‘18, which is always the talk of the town.