Fixing fuss-free camp snacks with limited resources and supplies


A perforated mess tin is great for deep-frying the mini banana fritters without needing too much oil.

Camp food needs to be yummy but one still has to work with limited kitchen resources and cooking supplies at camp.

Almost everyone who was a Boy Scout in school would have learned to make sugared dough twists on sticks to be roasted over the embers of a campfire for supper.

It was fun to do as kids, but now that we are all grown up and camping in style, dough twists might seem uninspiring.

So here is one simple recipe for a snack or dessert at camp that requires little skill and time and will not strain your camp’s resources: mini pisang goreng (banana fritters).

Slice bananas.Slice bananas.

Aside from your usual camp cooking gear and supplies, all you need is a rolling pin, a loaf of sliced bread and a bunch of bananas.

Flatten the slices of bread with the rolling pin and slice off the crusts. The flatter you make them, the crispier it will be.

 Slice off crustsSlice off crusts

Instead of a rolling pin (or if you forget to bring it), you can improvise by using a round soup can or spaghetti sauce jar as well.

Experiment with slicing the crust off first before flattening or the other way around to see which you like best.

Flatten bread slices.Flatten bread slices.

Cut the flattened bread slices in half.

Then cut up the bananas, add a slice of banana per halved bread slice and crimp the edges closed around it.

Heat up some oil and fry your mini pisang goreng into a golden crisp.

Mini banana fritters are ready to serve.Mini banana fritters are ready to serve.

Remember that fried bananas do become soft, so try not to buy super ripe ones.

You will want to experiment in the comforts of your home kitchen first.

If you add too much banana, you will have trouble crimping the bread around it.

Crispy on the outside; sweet and juicy inside.Crispy on the outside; sweet and juicy inside.

Put in too little and there will not be enough banana goodness in the snack.

If you bring enough cooking oil, you can pour in enough into the pan to deep-fry your mini pisang goreng.

If you need to use oil sparingly, you can pan-fry the little squares with just a bit of oil and achieve a toasty, crispy look.

Aside from bananas, try sliced red apples too.

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