Pedal and catch the sights in Putrajaya

The Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque is a picturesque location along the lakeside cycling route.

PUTRAJAYA, the country’s administrative capital, is an excellent place for people who love cycling.

It’s a perfect place for beginners to get started and enjoy riding.

With its kempt cycling tracks, this meticulously planned city beckons beginner and seasoned cyclists, offering a unique blend of scenic beauty and architectural marvels.

The allure of Putrajaya for cyclists lies not just in its safety and the quality of its paths but in the thoughtful amenities that dot its routes.

With ample parking, the city is a perfect launch pad for those seeking an escape into cycling activities, especially on the weekends when the spirit of adventure calls the loudest.

Since 2010, Putrajaya Corporation has been at the forefront of championing the cycling culture in the city through its inter-park rides.

Initially aimed at showcasing the city’s main attractions, these events have evolved into a cherished ritual for beginners eager to pedal through the city’s heart, now available as a more structured, albeit paid, exploration.

For independent souls yearning to chart their course, Putrajaya unfurls a canvas ripe for discovery.

Precinct 8 has a cycling and walking path that is paved and well maintained.Precinct 8 has a cycling and walking path that is paved and well maintained.

Whether arriving by car or gliding in via the MRT from Kuala Lumpur, the adventure begins at the iconic New Millennium Monument in Precinct 2.

Here, early birds gather before dawn, securing their spot to embark on a journey that promises to etch 10km of scenic vistas into their cycling logs.

The journey meanders around the serene lake, guiding cyclists through the picturesque landscape of Precinct 8, where the majestic Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque stands as a sentinel, offering a perfect backdrop for a moment’s rest and reflection.

For those who start their journey with the sun, the cycling path becomes a front-row seat to a breathtaking sunrise, painting the sky in hues of promise and tranquillity.

The path then stretches its tendrils towards the vibrant edges of Cyberjaya, looping back to the Marina, a nexus of watersport activities.

Cyclists can extend their exploration to Precinct 19 or opt for a more leisurely route through the Seri Gemilang bridge, rewinding into the heart of Putrajaya.

This journey is punctuated by discoveries – from the serene Anjung Floria to the symbolic Chinese-Malaysia Friendship Garden.

Riding along Putrajaya’s boulevard.Riding along Putrajaya’s boulevard.

And for those seeking a moment’s respite, a cyclist cafe nestled along the path offers a sanctuary to refuel and reminisce about the journey thus far.

Designed with the beginner in mind, this circuit around the lake has minimal inclines and an “easy” rating.

For those who seek the thrill of the night, one can take the MRT from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, explore Putrajaya at dusk, and enjoy a night ride before returning with the last train back.

With its blend of natural beauty and architectural wonders, Putrajaya offers a unique experience for cycling enthusiasts. It’s a journey of discovery, early mornings and serene sunsets, camaraderie and solitude.

Putrajaya is ready to make your weekend exciting and memorable if you feel like exploring.

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