Heart and Soul: Do departed souls come back to visit their loved ones?

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  • Saturday, 13 Aug 2022

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Never had it crossed my mind that departed souls would return on the third day after death. Such incidents could jolt your feelings, though not frightening.

It was 1979, the year my grandmother Madam Visalatchi departed. She had provided a meaningful life for and embraced the family like how “Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill and protected the Gopiars from rain and storm”.

We loved her. And her immense love and care for the family brought her back in the form of a beautiful white cat on the third day of her demise.

At about 8pm that day, a beautiful white cat slowly walked in through the front door. It was rather strange as we did not keep any cats in the house nor was there such a cat in the neighbourhood.

It mesmerised everyone when it turned its head left and right, and moved towards the photo of my grandmother. There, it gently purred and gave a quiet "meow".

There was complete stillness and the chanting of prayers stopped for a moment.

The cat without further emotion sniffed the food offered at the prayers, and then moved towards the back, to the kitchen. And before anybody could say anything, it was no more there.

“Grandmother has left... Continue the chanting and prayers,” one elderly lady remarked.

This really happened, true as the brightness of the stars above. It was seen by me and a few other people.

It may sound ridiculous to say that we felt her soul came back in the form of a cat, but strange things do happen. There are matters in the world that are beyond our contemplation and scientific explanation. We call them miracles.

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