Friso Gold, Now Upgraded With NOVAS Signature MIlk

Milk is essential to the growth of children and was at one point of time, their sole source of nutrition.

But what do we really know about milk and more specifically milk formula?

There are many factors involved in choosing milk and milk formula, more so than picking one right off the shelf.

This nutrient-dense food is high in protein, rich in calcium and packed full of vitamin A, vitamin B12 and zinc.

Aside from its outright benefits, it's also important for parents to know where the milk comes from and how it is made.

The new Friso Gold NOVAS Signature Milk only sources the best milk from premium bred cows namely the Holstein-Friesian cow breed that is given customised feed, with over 140 years of Dutch dairy farm management.

These highly sought after premium Holstein-Friesian cows are carefully and specially selected by farmers based on health, milk quality and milk composition.

Farmers monitor every cow’s health via its daily activity, using neck sensors to track its mobility and food consumption.

With the data compiled, farmers feed each cow according to its physiological status and analyse the macronutrients composition of its milk to fit the cow’s nutritional needs.

This results in a balanced and customised diet for each cow – including the rye grass and maize forage grown on their farm – prepared in detail by Friso Gold farmers.

Front row seats

The different tiers of sourcing, manufacturing and multiple heat treatments could compromise nutrient quality.

Friso Gold NOVAS Signature Milk has full control over its single manufacturing process from grass to glass, ensuring the milk protein is as close as possible to its native structure.

Unlike other brands, Friso Gold has single manufacturing process at mild heat to preserve the natural milk nutrients. Milk that’s being processed more than once at high heat, compromises nutrient quality.

Better yet, with the newly launched TrackEasy QR code, parents have front row seats by scanning and tracing the milk’s full journey from source to arrival.

This new technology aims to provide peace of mind to parents on its product authenticity, safety and quality, placing Friso Gold at the forefront of digital innovation.

Healthy gut, healthy kid

A child’s digestive health affects his overall health. It is essential to a healthy mind, body and a better functioning immune system.

Friso Gold NOVAS Signature Milk contains naturally small molecules with soft structure that promotes good digestion and absorption of key nutrients.

If your child is between the ages of one and three, opt for Friso Gold Stage 3, while Friso Gold Stage 4 is specifically made for older children, giving your child the nutrition he needs.

Staying true to its natural proposition, Friso Gold milk has no added sucrose or flavouring so children can enjoy the benefits of over 50 essential nutrients for growth, naturally.

To know more about Friso Gold Novas Signature Milk, visit

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