Prioritising and improving safety for the elderly at home

Adequate preparation and precautionary steps must be taken in order for older folks to enjoy leading a more comfortable lifestyle. This begins with having a safe home to live in as they retire.

Malaysia is on its way to becoming an ageing nation. The Statistics Department estimates that more than 7% of the country’s population is aged 65 and above this year. With this knowledge in mind, the public needs to pay careful attention to the needs of this golden generation. Adequate preparation and precautionary steps must be taken in order for older folks to enjoy leading a more comfortable lifestyle. This begins with having a safe home to live in as they retire.

For many, home furnishings and interior design usually revolve around aesthetic and functionality. Less focused is placed on safety. However, it would be foolish not to place safety as the main priority when it comes to the elderly.

As people get older, there is a high tendency for more health complications to arise as well. The most prominent one would be osteoarthritis, where the cartilage in the knees deteriorate with use and age. This can make even what was previously deemed as small or effortless activities, such as walking, becoming excruciatingly painful. Some seniors may also lose strength in their legs and require the help of a walking stick or walker. It becomes especially difficult and dangerous for those living in a double-story house, where getting up and down the stairs is a daily occurrence.

For some families, the decision may be made to live with a compromise. This may be to always have someone assisting the senior member up and down the stairs. Other families may choose to renovate a room downstairs for the older family member to move into.

However, what if there is nobody at home or available to provide the necessary support up and down the stairs? What if there is no available room downstairs or if the senior member of the household insists on staying on the upper floor?

Safe home for our loved ones

The solution to the problem would be to install a stairlift so that older family members can easily make their way up and down the stairs without any hassle.

There is also no hassle in packing all the furniture and moving them between the floors. By installing a stairlift, there is no moving of furniture involved. Everything remains as they were and everyone can maintain their current lifestyle without making big lifestyle adjustments.

Quite a lot of people believe that climbing up and down the stairs can be a form of exercise. While this is true, it is only applicable for those who are younger and fitter. Once you hit the age of 50 or start living with various health conditions, walking up and down the stairs is not the most viable form of exercise as there is a high risk of falling.

Senior citizens who fall risk fracturing their bones. For someone with osteoporosis, this can lead to a very serious injury that require hospitalisation, incurring an expensive medical fee. This can be a pain and heavy burden for both patient and family members. The most practical solution is to install a stairlift so you can avoid accidents or falls.

Upstairs Sdn Bhd is an authorised dealer for Otolift Stairlift from the Netherlands. The company has 20 years of experience in the stairlift industry. Upstairs Sdn Bhd provides the full range of services in owning a stairlift for your home. The one-stop service includes the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of stairlifts.

The stairlift can be tailor-made to fit any staircase, whether it is curved or straight. The stairlift is fitted onto your staircase and not your wall, allowing the lift to be installed quickly, easily and with minimal disruption to your home.

You do not need to be afraid of experiencing any accidents with the stairlift. During travel, a comfortable seat belt keeps you secure in the seat. If the stairlift encounters an obstacle during travel, it will safely come to a stop. The stairlift is also battery operated, which means you can still use it even if your residence experiences a power cut.

The stairlift also comes with remote control units at the top and bottom of the stairs. It is used to call your lift and to send it to a parking point when not in use.

Safety is paramount when it comes to the elderly. That is why every stairlift is certified safe and adheres to international safety standards.

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