Starchild: Why Malaysian kids think Sang Kancil is a smart animal

S. Chandrani, 12

The Sang Kancil, or mousedeer, is revered in Malaysian folklore for its cunningness and bravery. There are several stories that depict these qualities of the Sang Kancil.

One famous tale tells of Sang Kancil’s encounter with a group of hungry crocodiles. The mousedeer wanted to get to the other side of the river to devour some fruits it had spotted but it noticed the river filled with crocodiles. Smart as ever, Sang Kancil “struck a deal” with the crocs.

He told them that the king was having a feast and wanted to know the number of crocodiles so that they could partake in the feast. Sang Kancil was tasked with counting the number of crocodiles.

He proposed that the crocs line themselves up in a row to make his task easier. What this did was create a “bridge” for the crafty mousedeer who jumped on the backs of the crocs to get accross.

Erica Sophia, 12Erica Sophia, 12

Once on the other side, Sang Kancil dashed off, leaving the disappointed (and possibly angry) crocodiles behind.

Another story tells of Sang Kancil’s encounter with Prince Parameswara, who was searching for a place to settle down in. As the story goes, while he was resting under a tree, Parameswara saw a mousedeer trying to cross the river by walking on a fallen tree.

Midway through, one of Parameswara’s dogs started to give chase. Instead of back tracking, Sang Kancil knelt down and, using its powerful hind legs, kicked the dog causing it to lose balance and fall into the river. Impressed by Sang Kancil’s cunning, Parameswara named the city “Melaka”, after the aforementioned tree.

So, you see, even small creatures can achieve remarkable feats.

Recently Starchild asked readers to send in letters on the topic, Sang Kancil. Here’s what they had to say.

“There are creatures on this planet that are smart in their own ways. There are many other animals that show signs of intelligence, like dolphins, elephants, and parrots. They can solve puzzles, use tools, and communicate with each other in complex ways. Learning about these animals makes me appreciate the diversity of life on Earth and reminds me that intelligence comes in many forms,” says S. Chandrani, 12.

“I think being clever and brave is important because it helps us do things that seem hard. I want to be like the mousedeer and always try my best, even when things are tough,” Erica Sophia, 12.

S. Adithya, 10S. Adithya, 10

“The story of the Sang Kancil teaches us that being smart and brave can help us in real life, too. I want to remember this lesson whenever I face a challenge,” writes S. Adithya, 10.

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