A career in senior care industry may be just what young job-seekers need

Senior care has become an industry that youth should consider as it has the potential to be a fulfilling, exciting and rewarding career path for them to pursue moving forward. Photo: 123rf.com

With growing competition in many fields like medicine, banking, artificial intelligence, really, how can youths today potentially stand out? What are the areas that actually matter to the youth today? Through multiple conversations with youths, we’ve found that they prioritise two things above all: Their family and their future.

With regards to their family, they prioritise being able to spend time with their loved ones and being able to care for them. For their future, it comes down to being financially independent so that they can have the capacity to explore various options if they want to.

As Malaysia’s population ages, the demand for senior care services is rapidly increasing.

Malaysia is also a popular choice for seniors from abroad who see the country’s weather, accessibility, culture, language, and medical standards as viable factors that make us a top retirement destination pick.

Senior care has become an industry that youth should consider as it has the potential to be a fulfilling, exciting and rewarding career path for them to pursue moving forward.

Malaysia progressed into an ageing society some years ago, and we will only continue to age as this ageing megatrend is irreversible.

We are seeing an emerging demand for better care services, senior care centres, home care services, senior care education, equipment, technology, property and development. Many other sectors and industries are also increasingly catering for the elderly.

We can look to Japan as an example. The Land of the Rising Sun is now a “super-aged society” and they have successfully developed a senior care ecosystem whereby their youths have undertaken professional training to achieve the National Caregiver Qualification (NCQ) in order to meet the growing demands of their ageing population.

Based on the economic principle of supply and demand, it’s not a surprise why their youth who venture into the senior care industry are being remunerated handsomely.

We can be quite certain that careers pathways in senior care will not only limited to roles as caregivers or healthcare professionals but also in different intersecting industries and professions.

You’re in design? Elderly friendly designs yield higher returns.

You’re in fashion? Comfortable clothing for the elderly is the way forward.

Do you have a background in technology or engineering? You could develop new technologies to help seniors, such as mobile apps that connect seniors with caregivers or devices that monitor vital signs.

Are you a finance or business expert? You could work in senior care management or start your own senior care business. The possibilities of integration with the senior care industry are only limited to our own imagination!

This article is provided by Masoc Care, a non-governmental organisation that engages youth to be involved and engaged in senior care. Masoc Care offers scholarships to Japan for students interested in pursuing study in senior care. For more information go to ww.masoc.care/scholarshipprogram

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