Starchild: Malaysian children love animals, say pets make them happy

Parveshvarr Jayakanth, 11

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Do you love cats, parrots, dogs or fish?

Some people love to keep pets like hamsters and guinea pigs. Others prefer to look after exotic creatures like scorpions, spiders and even snakes.

Most children like to keep pets as they are companions that give unconditional love. Pets also teach us about friendship, responsibility and loyalty.

Did you know that owning a pet keeps children more active?

Walking a dog or throwing a ball are great ways to exercise and get children away from sedentary indoor activities.

We received an overwhelming response to the topic: My Dream Animal. So let's hear what our young readers had to say.

Parveshvarr Jayakanth, 11, wants to be a friendly Labrador because these dogs are dynamic, active and playful. "I would also love to sit with my owners and walk around with them. I don't mind securing the home of my beloved family because their security is most important. So I will guard them against danger."

Lara Anneliese Alcantra, 4Lara Anneliese Alcantra, 4

Four-year-old Lara Anneliese Alcantra says: "I love butterflies because they look beautiful."

"My dog Floppy has golden-coloured fur. It stays in a canal outside our home. I like to play with Floppy because he's fun and loving," says Kyrelle Chan, four.

Kyrelle Chan, 4Kyrelle Chan, 4

"I dream about sheep jumping over fence and also like the story on the hare and the tortoise... but the rabbit won the race this time," says six-year-old Joelle Chan Wen Qi.

Joelle Chan Wen Qi, 6Joelle Chan Wen Qi, 6

"I want to be a flying bear who can fly directly to sources of honey, says Chuah Seng Koon, five.

Chuah Seng Koon, 5Chuah Seng Koon, 5

"My dream animals will be a dog, unicorn, hamster and bunny. I like the unicorn because it has magic in its horn. I like dogs because they are cute and playful. I like hamsters because they are fluffy and can play with me. As for the rabbit, it is fluffy and white as snow," says Claire Yap Jyn Wei, six.

Claire Yap Jyn Wei, 6Claire Yap Jyn Wei, 6

Seven-year-old Wong Zhi Ying's dream animal is a Siberian Husky. "There are many types of dogs like Pomeranian, German Shepherd and Bulldog but the Husky is my favourite. The Husky is friendly, cute and smart. Its fluffy hair is smooth like my pillow."

Wong Zhi Ying, 7Wong Zhi Ying, 7

"My favourite pet is a dog. They are cool and always play with me. They will be by my side when I am sad. I wish I could be a dog because dogs are very caring. I hope my master will bring me to the park and play every day," says Wong Cheng Yang, seven.

Wong Cheng Yang, 7Wong Cheng Yang, 7

Five-year-old Wong Jie Ern's favourite pet is the rabbit because it is soft and cute. "I like beige furred rabbits because they look like cotton candy. I wish I could be a rabbit because I can eat a lot of sweet carrots and hop everywhere on the grass."

Wong Jie Ern, 5Wong Jie Ern, 5

"I want to be a unicorn and live in Fairyland. So I can eat lots of candies and make friends with pixies, says Hayley Liew Xin Yi, seven.

Hayley Liew Xin Yi, 7Hayley Liew Xin Yi, 7

Sophie Yap Jyn Qing, eight, wants to be a unicorn too. "It is a magical animal with a horn that can do magic and has wings that can fly. I like the unicorn because it is gentle and can do magic like making a rainbow appear. I also like it because I can ride it, and I always wanted to ride a horse."

Sophie Yap Jyn Qing, 8Sophie Yap Jyn Qing, 8

Six-year-old Bethany Wang Qi Syuen writes: "If I were an animal, I would be a panda bear. Pandas are from China. They love to eat bamboo shoots. Panda cubs are raised by their mothers. Isn't it interesting that a group of pandas are called an embarrassment of pandas?"

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 6Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 6

"I would like to be is the red squirrel. Red squirrels eat nuts, fruit and seeds. Baby red squirrels are called kittens. They can hang upside down," says Zyon Ezra Wong, six.

Jodie Tan Li Juen, 12Jodie Tan Li Juen, 12

Jodie Tan Li Juen, 12 years old, writes, "I love hamsters because they are cute and energetic. They are my pets too. They are named Snow and Brownie."

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 9Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 9

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, nine, says: "My dream animal is a squirrel because it is an intelligent animal. They are fast climbing up the trees and zigzag to escape predators. They can glide through the air which makes them seem like they are flying." - Compiled by Sheela Chandran

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