Driving milk consumption in Malaysia

EXCERPTS from the interview with Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd managing director Tarang Gupta.

Dutch Lady is a leader in terms of innovations in the milk industry, being one of the first players in the local market to create new milk flavours. What made Dutch Lady strive for product innovation?

Dutch Lady plays an important role in trying to grow milk consumption in the nation.

Our innovations have always been backed by facts and science.

For example, a South-East Asian nutrition survey on children below the age of 12 shows that almost one in two children in Malaysia has a Vitamin D deficiency.

This was probably due to a change in lifestyle, where kids are staying indoors more than often now.

The deficiency in Vitamin D then leads to a lack of calcium absorption, which results in malnutrition for every one in five kids and stunted growth for every one in four kids.

We then innovated our products based on that study, increasing the levels of Vitamin D through fortification via milk consumption and engaging with the Education Ministry (MoE) to start the “Drink, Move, Be Strong” campaign in schools.

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