Stock on the Move : Seacera, warrants continue to see trading interest

KUALA LUMPUR : Shares of Seacera Group Bhd and its two company-issued warrants were among the top traded counters on Bursa Malaysia on Thursday as its mother share reached a new 15-month high of RM1.26 during the morning trading session.



As at 1230PM, Seacera's shares were last traded at an intraday high of RM1.26 on heavy turnover of 11.3 million shares. The stock rose 11 sen from yesterday's close of RM1.15, representing a gain of 9.57%.



Its company warrants, Seacera-WA and Seacera-WB, closed at 15.5 sen and 57 sen respectively at midday on similarly heavy turnover.



The group is primarily involved in tile making as well as manufacturing of bricks.



Shares of Seacera and particularly its two warrants have exhibited volatile characteristics over the past two weeks. For example, Seacera-WA rose from four sen to a high of 25 sen on April 14 before declining to 6.5 sen the next day. Since then, the warrant has risen to 15.5 sen.



While there has not been any major announcements on the company lately which could have influenced the recent share price movement, it is worth noting that Seacera's substantial shareholders have been steadily acquiring shares as of late.



A recent April 13 filing showed that its substantial shareholder Zulkarnin Ariffin had acquired 180,000 shares at 93 sen apiece on April 12, bringing up his direct stake to 19%.



In an earlier filing on April 5, Seacera disclosed that another substantial shareholder, Datuk Mansor Masikon, had acquired 88,600 shares on April 4, upping his stake to 16%.

Stock on the Move