The key to succeed in life

THE KEY by Joe Vitale (John Wiley & Sons) attempts to reveal the missing secret for attracting wealth, health, success, and happiness. For Vitale, this life guide builds on his bestselling book, The Attractor Factor, and attempts to go beyond the mega-hit movie and book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  

For the uninitiated, the secret Byrne presented to the world was the mystical “Law of Attraction” and how we use it unconsciously to succeed or fail in life. The premise is that whatever happens to us directly was brought about by our subconscious worries or desires.  

Divided into three parts, Vitale begins The Key by explaining how to recognise limiting thoughts and emotions. There are examples of how he and others have come to recognise self-doubt and eliminated the individual sabotage they were administering.  

Exercises are provided for becoming familiar with personal desires and the various ways those desires are being internally quelled.  

Part two contains 10 methods for clearing the mind of negative thoughts and emotions. Almost every method is developed with an article from a coach who works with that particular approach. There is a lot of journaling and internal reflection, but perhaps it is necessary for someone to give express permission for a person to feel comfortable enough to delve that deeply into their own psyche. 

The final section contains a question-and-answer excerpt from one of Vitale’s seminars, a transcript excerpt from another, and Peter Michel’s suggestions for “Emotional Freedom 101.” The Q & A excerpt is most helpful in that participants were allowed to ask Vitale questions regarding his philosophy and how best to enact it in their own lives. 

My problem with The Key is that it just did not get to the meat of the “Law of Attraction” any more than did The Secret, and the books are seemingly interchangeable. I was also put off by Vitale’s constant mention of his own products for sale, as well as those of his colleagues. 

The Key does have many valuable lessons to teach, don’t get me wrong. But like many of its predecessors, it doesn’t open very many doors except what many readers have already been exposed to via the dozen other “Law of Attraction” books out there. Still, it will no doubt help you clarify your desires and identify the things you want in life - and that, my friends, is the key to a better life no matter how you look at it. 

The Key is very similar to The Secret in that it comprises the suggestions of many experts rather than focusing on an individual. It comes close to a compilation of essays.  

Whether or not the reader believes “The Law of Attraction” exists, at the core Vitale teaches positive thinking, which can benefit even non-believers.  

The following is an edited excerpt from The Key. It is the essence of what Vitale is trying to communicate. 

Please Forgive Me: If you feel stuck in any area of your life ... it could very well be due to a lack of forgiveness. 

Maybe you didn’t forgive the other person. Maybe you didn’t forgive yourself. It doesn’t matter. Holding on to past emotions, memories, or stories are guaranteed to tie up your energy and block your ability to attract what you want. 

What you have to do now is forgive. 

I used to struggle with this one. I was afraid that if I forgave someone, I would not learn the lesson they gave me and I would be suckered again. But as I looked at that belief, I realised it was just that: a belief. It wasn’t reality. It wasn’t factual. It wasn’t true. 

But let’s look at this more closely so you understand forgiveness and the power of it as a clearing method. 

Forgiving another person is, in part, an ego trip. When you say “I forgive you” to someone, you are saying you had some sort of hold over them. You were the King or Queen, and by the “I forgive you” decree you could pronounce them “free” of your resentment. That’s not forgiveness. It may even be a form of manipulation. 

What’s more powerful is to say “I’m sorry” to the people you hurt.  

A couple of decades ago I made a list of people I felt I had hurt. I went to them and paid them money if I owed it; returned tools or objects if I had walked off with them, and told them I was sorry for my behaviour. I did my best to make peace with my past. It was a wonderful feeling. 

I also know there is a level of forgiveness beyond being forgiven by others or forgiving others. The forgiveness that becomes one of the most powerful clearing methods you can use in an instant is the one where you forgive yourself. 

It’s your perception of a situation or person that is an error. It’s not the other person. Yes, they may have done something you prefer they hadn’t done. But it’s your judgment of them that causes the friction. When you let go of your judgment, you free yourself. And often, when you free yourself, the other person does what you wanted all along. But your motivation has to come from forgiveness of you. 

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