Haron is new PAS spiritual adviser

PETALING JAYA: The appointment of Datuk Dr Haron Din as the new Mursyidul Am has apparently foiled the so-called “Hawaii Five-O” gang’s plan to convince the grassroots to “elevate” Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to spiritual leader.

The Hawaii Five-O gang would have preferred Hadi to “move on” to head the Syura Council and leave the party president’s post for others to contest.

Hawaii Five-O is the name given to a WhatsApp chat group involved in an alleged attempt to topple Hadi.

Pro-ulama netizens welcomed the Syura Council’s decision to appoint Dr Haron while signalling to the ground that Hadi would defend his presidency in the upcoming party elections.

PAS assistant secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the Syura Council met on March 8 and unanimously decided to appoint Dr Haron who had served as the deputy.

“Dr Haron is the new Mursyidul Am and Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yacob is the deputy,” said Takiyuddin.

According to the PAS constitution, the Mursyidul Am appointment is made every five years.

“Unlike the other posts in the party where the delegates call the shots through biennial elections, the Mursyidul Am appointment is decided by the 15-member Syura Council every five years,” he said.

The existence of the Hawaii Five-O gang came to light when Kuantan PAS Youth chief Fadhli Ibrahim submitted a memorandum to the party headquarters last month, alleging that some senior central party leaders were involved in a plot using underhanded tactics to topple Hadi.

PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali said that a committee had been formed to investigate the allegation.

However, Fadhli said he had lost confidence in the committee because suspected plotters had been appointed as investigators.

“Central committee members should not be appointed to the committee as vested interests would have a bearing on the outcome of the investigation,” he added.

Fadhli said people “found it strange” that Mustafa, who is the chairman of the committee, went to Britain recently with party deputy president Mohamad Sabu, who is suspected of being involved in the plot.

Mustafa had said that the committee would investigate the allegation that Mohamad was involved in the plot after 2.10-minute audio clip implicating the deputy president went viral.

Fadhli questioned why the disciplinary committee was not given the task of investigating the allegation.

He said disciplinary committee chairman Dr Daeng Sanusi Daeng Mariok whom he met on March 6 informed him that he could not proceed without any directive from the central PAS committee.


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