Frost on Mount Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: The unusually low temperatures in Sabah has sprinkled a layer of frost on the plants on Mount Kinabalu, especially near Panar Laban and Laban Rata at an altitude of just over 3,000m.

In addition, the cold has frozen the water droplets in the mist shrouding the mountain.

 “It’s like tiny ice crystals in the air that melt when they touch your skin. It’s magical,” said seasoned tour guide Tham Yau Kong.

Trekkers and staff of the Laban Rata rest house have noticed the frost and ice crystals for the past three to four days.

Tham, who reckons he has trekked up the mountain about 500 times, said he has noticed frost at the peak about 20 times.

“It’s not a new phenomena.

“‘’I am sure the frost is due to the cooler than normal temperatures that we have been experiencing in Sabah for the past two weeks or so,” he said on Thursday.


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