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Accident victim's wife pregnant, can't accept his sudden death

The wife of Mohamad Fandi Rosli, 26, who died tragically in an accident on the North-South Expressway on March 14, is pregnant with their first child. His wife, Norashikin Abdul Halim, 26, is about one month pregnant and is distraught by Mohamad Fandi's sudden death, according to her mother-in-law. Mohamad Fandi's mother, Noor Suriani Ismail, 47, said Norashikin had fainted several times after seeing her husband's body as she was still struggling to accept his death. "But the whole family believes she (Norashikin) is a strong person," her mother-in-law said. Mohamad Fandi died on the spot after a car driven by a 19-year-old driver sped against traffic flow on the North-South Expressway and crashed into his vehicle.

> Confinement lady moves out of her house after video goes viral 

A confinement lady, who allegedly shook a newborn, moved out of her house in Pokok Sena, Kedah following the incident. It is believed that the 59-year-old woman temporarily moved to another place after a video of her allegedly abusing the child went viral on social media. In the video, the woman is seen holding a newborn in her arms and can be seen rocking the baby slowly before she proceeds to shake it violently. The parents of the baby said they sent their child for a medical check-up and were told to monitor the baby closely for a week. Vengy Chan, the mother of the baby, said she had paid RM4,300 to the confinement lady and asked her to leave after the incident. A police report has been lodged by the couple. 

> Actress Ady An marries Macau businessman 

Taiwanese actress Ady An Yixuan has married a wealthy Macau businessman. She announced the news on Weibo on Wednesday. Friends and fans were surprised with the news as the 36-year-old artiste had never indicated that she planned to get married. The couple had taken their pre-wedding photographs in Italy recently.