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Wholesome goodness from Komugi

There’s plenty of baked options at Komugi.

There’s plenty of baked options at Komugi.

More than just a fad from the Land of the Rising Sun, Komugi is intent on providing healthy eating that’s synonymous with the Japanese.

It's easy to be drawn to the rows of fruit-inspired breads when you step into Komugi. But then again, why wouldn’t anyone be?

At first glance, the pops of bright orange on display seems like miniature pumpkins that evoke notions of fairytales. Upon closer inspection, the illusion wears off when you notice the doughy texture.

Filled with a creamy pumpkin centre and decorated with a thin bread stick that doubles as a “stalk”, the Honey Pumpkin bread adds a dash of delightful colour to the other golden brown breads that are on display at the premium Japanese bakery. 

Komugi translates to mean “wheat” in English, a relatively fuss-free nomenclature that befits its honest-to-goodness baking philosophy.

The people behind the bakery know that nothing whets the appetite like the scent of freshly baked bread and that’s evident from the glorious aroma that wafts through the store.

“We commit ourselves to offer natural, handmade, fresh and quality breads, cakes, pastries and confectioneries imbued with true Japanese quality, culture and tradition,” says Multiple Reward chief operating officer Jessica Lim.

Komugi offers a selection of puff pastry such as the Cookie Cream Puffs and Creamy Custard Krone.
Komugi offers a selection of puff pastry such as the Cookie Cream Puffs and Creamy Custard Krone.

The company owns, operates and manages the Komugi brand.

Although mainly a bakery, the brand takes on a cafe concept at several of its stores in the Klang Valley.

The bakery subscribes to a relatively simple method – the best bread is made from the finest ingredients. This is evident when you sink your teeth into Komugi’s selections.

The fluffiness of its breads is a result of its practice of using only the finest bread flours from Japan and avoidance of artificial additives and preservatives.

It also helps that the bakery’s team of Japanese pastry chefs bake everything on a daily basis.

Komugi’s signature creations include the Japanese Bread, Hanjuku Cheese, Nama- chocco Sand, Creamy Custard Krone and Cookie Cream Puffs.

Komugi also has some fruit-inspired bread.
Komugi also has some fruit-inspired bread.

Lightly crusted on the outside with a soft interior, the Japanese Bread is an amalgamation of texture and flavour. The Salmon Paneo for one, is a delectable creation which has bits of salmon within a bread that’s glazed over with teriyaki. Its savouriness begs for this bread to be taken with a glass of water.

Being a cheese lover, the Hanjuku Cheese range certainly didn’t disappoint my palate. Light and creamy, there’s an expert consistency between eggs and cream cheese. The half-baked cake is a dessert that’s easily one of the bakery’s must-try.

Another signature cake is the Namachoco Sand. The name is an indication of the confection’s sandy texture. Far from repulsive, the texture is a balanced finesse between sponge cake and cream.

It’s worth noting that there’s a pinch of subtle bitterness intertwined with the buttery fresh cream in the green tea variant while the chocolate one consists of rich cocoa-infused cake. Personally, I’d recommend the former over the latter, but it really boils down to one’s taste buds.

Over on the puff pastry spectrum, Komugi offers the Cookie Cream Puff that’s crisp on the outer layer with ample fresh and rich custard piped in between. There’s also the Creamy Custard Krone that has a crunchy exterior and creamy custard insides.

The bakery’s perennial favourite, according to Lim, is the Fuwa-fuwa Cream Bun range and it’s easy to see why. Sprinkled with sugar frosting, the soft bun has a light and airy texture while the moist centre is filled with custard flavoured with real vanilla bean.

With over 150 items to choose from, bread lovers are spoilt for choice at Komugi. Above all, there’s the assurance that the loaves you bring home are fresh and all-natural options.

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