A park for graffiti artists

Graffiti is generally seen as a menace, but youths can soon pick up those spray paints and unleash their creativity at what is touted to be the first graffiti park in Penang.

Seven walls will be built at the Penang Municipal Park (commonly known as Youth Park) where budding artists can express their talents through art.

Located between the Skate Park and pedestrian walkway, the graffiti park will be environmentally friendly with the walls — three measuring 15m sq and four measuring 9m sq — constructed to avoid all existing plants.

graffiti park

Ong Khian Huat, one of the project’s architects, said the new park would also make use of one of the Skate Park’s 42m-long granite walls.

“The park is designed in a way where people can see what is happening all around (them), so it is a safe area.

“There will also be benches and areas for people to sit on the ground to appreciate the graffiti art,” he said, adding there would be ventilation holes to prevent any chemical build-up.

Work on the project is expected to start within one month with a targeted completion date in July.

The new park is a joint project between the Rotary Club of Tanjung Bungah and the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP).

Project chairman Michael Chen said the aim of the graffiti park was to provide a space for youths to express themselves through art.

“Graffiti art parks have been created for youths all over the world, from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong to America and Europe.

“The graffiti park now in creation here will allow youths to interact, discuss and exchange ideas in art creation irrespective of age and race,” he said at the recent project launch.

He said after the walls were filled, they would be photographed and the walls would be whitewashed for the next batch of drawings.

MPPP president Patahiyah Ismail said the RM150,000 construction cost of the park would be shared equally among the council and the Rotary Club of Tanjung Bungah.

“To get the ball rolling, we hope to organise a graffiti competition when the park is completed.

“To draw on the walls, youths will need to register themselves with the council first, so we can vet what they intend to paint,” she added. - By Andrea Filmer