Ahead of the Olympics, smart health specialist Withings reveals its own medal-winning countries

Ahead of the Olympic Games, Withings studied data from its community of smart device users to award its own gold, silver and bronze medals. — Cartoon vector created by vectorjuice - www.freepik.com

With the Olympic Games kicking off soon, the smart device maker Withings has shared its own global medal winners based on data from more than five million users worldwide. So, which country takes gold for sleep quality? And in which countries do users walk and swim the most?

The Tokyo Olympic Games start this Friday, July 23. For the occasion, Withings has collated data from five million user profiles from 20 different countries to draw up its own list of medal winners in events as diverse as sleep quality, time spent training, number of steps per day, and muscle mass gained. So which counties are the Withings champions? And how will the Withings medal haul compare to Olympic performances?

Good sleep hygiene is essential for prime performance, so which country takes the top spot in the Withings study? When it comes to the National Sleep Score rankings, Finland takes the gold medal! The Netherlands takes second place, followed by Belgium in third. The lowest scorers in the sleep ranking are Russia, China and Japan. A surprising result, perhaps, as Russia and China are regularly among the countries taking home the most medals in the Summer Olympics.

National champions

According to the WHO, people need to take the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day to stay fit, maintain health and control weight. So which country does best when it comes to number of steps per day? Here, Spain takes the gold, with an average of 6,527 steps per day per person, ahead of Sweden (6,469) and China (6,228). At the bottom of the ranking, Belgium (5,364) comes in 18th position, ahead of France (5,352) and Hungary (5,351).

But in terms of the number of hours spent swimming, France wins by a considerable margin with 829,555 hours of training in the pool. Next comes another world specialist, the United States (504,544 hours), followed by Germany (461,951 hours). Poland, Norway and Hungary take the last positions in this ranking.

Finally, which country gained the most muscle mass during workouts? In this particular event, the Latin countries win by a wide margin, with Spain (+320 grams), Italy (+283 grams) and France (+272 grams) on the podium in that order. Japan comes in last place, with a decrease of 705 grams in muscle mass in average over the last four years. More surprisingly, Australia is 19th behind China and the United States.

So while these statistics don’t necessarily give much away about national performances in the Olympics, they do tell us more about the sports habits of smart device users around the world. The full study is available here. – AFP Relaxnews

*The study was conducted by Withings by analysing aggregated and anonymised data from more than five million users of the brand’s connected scales, watches and thermometers around the world.

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