Microsoft partners with Kano to launch a build-your-own PC

Kano and Microsoft introduce the Kano PC. — AFP Relaxnews

Kano and Microsoft introduce the Kano PC. — AFP Relaxnews

Microsoft and Kano have unveiled the Kano PC, a Windows 10 S-equipped build-your-own tablet-laptop hybrid designed for the classroom.

On June 19 Kano, the London-based company behind a slew of educational tech DIY kits, announced its partnership with Microsoft to launch a build-your-own Windows 10 computer kit.

The Kano PC, whose form factor resembles Microsoft's Surface, is a laptop-tablet hybrid with an 11.6in touchscreen display.

Students will be able to follow a storybook-like instruction manual that guides their construction of the PC. When finished, they can look back on their work thanks to the transparent back cover.

The cover is actually a full-size keyboard which can be used along with the display to "create emojis with binary code, tinker with touch and sound, and play with the processor and memory". Additionally, the device comes with a handful of programs – and is compatible with the Microsoft Office Suite – to further help students learn about computers on a technical basis and create school projects.

The Kano PC can be pre-ordered now for US$299.99 (RM1,244.09) with delivery beginning Oct 1.

– AFP Relaxnews