This week's videogame releases: 'Cricket 19', 'PixARK', 'Outer Worlds', and more

'PixARK' recalls both 'Minecraft and official partner Ark: Survival Evolved', thanks to its cuboid voxel world.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats makes up for the lack of Nintendogs on Nintendo Switch, Cricket 19 arrives ahead of a stretch of international bat and ball across PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, PixARK brings a Minecraft makeover to a dinosaurs-and-humans survival sim on console and computer, Outer Worlds lifts off on Xbox, Mac and PC, and space kitty adventure Gato Roboto leaps onto Switch and PC.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats for Nintendo Switch

Wherefore art thou, Nintendogs + Cats? The fluffy pet sim is stuck on the Nintendo 3DS, Switch owners might lament. Hence the arrival of Little Friends, filling up that empty dog or cat-shaped space in the Switch's library, having received decent enough reviews upon its Japanese release in December 2018. 


PixARK for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC

Remember Ark: Survival Evolved, that at-times vicious survival sim taking place upon a dino-filled island? It was the latest, greatest thing, in a time before Overwatch, Pokémon Go, PUBG or Fortnite. This, then, is the chunkier, friendlier, Minecraft-homaging version, debuting on PS4 and Switch after a year in early access on PC and Xbox One.


Cricket 19 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC version to follow

Though released on the eve of the ICC Cricket World Cup (May 30 to July 14), it's actually the official game of the 2019 England-Australia Ashes Championships (Aug 1 to Sept 16), also including a club-to-international career mode, ODI and IT20 series matches, historical scenarios, and room for casual match-ups between mates.


Outer Wilds for Xbox One, and Mac and PC

Just as 2018's charming Minit was played in one-minute increments, interplanetary explorer and IGF winner Outer Wilds consists of the last 20 minutes before a local sun explodes; luckily, the player is stuck in a time loop, giving them repeated opportunities to suss out the secrets of this strange galaxy before it goes boom.

Not the same game as The Outer Worlds, a sci-fi action adventure due later in the year.


Gato Roboto for Nintendo Switch and PC

Scamper, leap and blast your way through a retro-looking and labyrinthine space outpost, whether safe inside a chunky suit of mechanised armour or vulnerable but on the hunt for new and useful items through narrow corridors. – AFP Relaxnews


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