PC download charts: 'Total War: Three Kingdoms,' 'Tales from the Borderlands', 'Eat The Rich'

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  • Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Historical era is brought to life with legendary Chinese warlords in 'Total War: Three Kingdoms'.

Creative Assembly's decision to take their historical battlefield strategy simulation to ancient China seems to be paying off, Total War: Three Kingdoms becoming Steam's best-seller in its launch week.

It also claimed second place on authorised Steam code reseller site, Humble, where only Monster Hunter World kept Three Kingdoms from the store's peak; a well-timed sale coincided with the cross-platform release of free and very much Monster Hunter-influenced multiplayer game Dauntless.

On GOG, uncertainty over the PC digital retail future of Telltale Games' Tales Of The Borderlands helped propel it into pole position.

A story-led choice and consequence spin-off from the action game Borderlands franchise, Tales From The Borderlands also has some overlap with September's much anticipated Borderlands 3.

A ripple resulting from Telltale's late 2018 closure, GOG users received four days' notice before Tales (and the rest of Telltale's catalogue) disappeared from the site on May 27.

Borderlands franchise publisher 2K Games is in the process of restoring Tales to digital retail.

Shopping comedy Eat The Rich appears to be growing in popularity, the free in-development game jam experiment at the crest of Itch.io's top five having received enthusiastic coverage from YouTubers DanTDM (British English), Fynnpire (Australian English), Tex HS (Portuguese) and Kristian (Filipino) and others over the last few weeks.

Made by two members of South African studio Free Lives (Broforce), it has players guide a mob of rubbery, grab-handed shoppers on frantic stumbling runs between store shelves and cashiers in a race to make as many savings as possible, while pushing their consumer debt further and further still.

Elsewhere, expect to see Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted (aka FNAF VR) popping up in YouTube, Twitch, and Steam recommendations over the next few days. The animatronic horror franchise has spawned a virtual reality spin-off which, thanks to high-profile support from the likes of Markiplier, DanTDM, GTLive (Game Theorists) and more, is riding high on YouTube's trending game videos chart.

Steam* (steampowered.com)
1. Total War: Three Kingdoms
2. Mordhau
3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
4. Grand Theft Auto V
5. A Plague Tale: Innocence
*Steam chart based on revenue rather than units.

Humble Store (humblebundle.com/store)
1. Monster Hunter World
2. Total War: Three Kingdoms
3. No Man's Sky
4. The Elder Scrolls Online – Standard Edition
5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition

GOG (gog.com)
1. PC Building Simulator
2. Warcraft I & II Bundle
3. Tales From The Borderlands 
4. Diablo
5. Heroes Of Might & Magic 3: Complete

Itchio's Most Popular (itch.io)
1. Eat The Rich (Black Friday Simulator)
2. Anatidaephobia
3. Fragments
4. Escape The Ayuwoki
5. Cursed Soul Beta – AFP Relaxnews


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