Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: the biggest updates in social media last week

Three of the biggest social media platforms have updates. — AFP Relaxnews

Three of the biggest social media platforms have updates. — AFP Relaxnews

What changes will you be seeing after last week's round of social media platform updates? Twitter now lets you retweet with GIF comments, Instagram is updating a handful of user policies, and Facebook will help you celebrate your birthday online.

Every week, the most popular apps and social media platforms get updated. Here's a summary of the changes you'll be seeing now or in the near future:


Early last week, mobile Twitter users gained the ability to add media – GIFs, images, and videos – to their retweets. All users have to do is tap "retweet with comment" and then select one of the available media icons.

The feature has not yet rolled out to the desktop version of the platform, neither has Twitter announced when that may happen.


On May 7 and May 8, Engadget reported that in addition to developing a way for users to appeal removed publications, Instagram is also updating its policy for banning accounts.

As of right now, there's no way for users to contest their reported content. Over the next months, users will be able to appeal removals and, if Instagram approves, publications will be restored.

Engadget also described that the policy which states that accounts will not be banned until they reach a particular percentage of violations within a designated time frame will be changed in upcoming months to a particular number of offenses within a designated time frame.

Instead of users being allowed to make more policy violations the more frequently they publish, violations will be limited to a set amount for everyone.

Furthermore, Engadget reported May 10 that hashtags leading to the spread of misinformation about vaccinations will be blocked.


On May 9, Facebook globally launched birthday stories, a feature you can use to help your friends celebrate their special day. You can send them a card-like story customized with your own pictures, videos, and music by simply tapping on the prompted birthday notification. – AFP Relaxnews