Tencent's WeGame X store launches internationally

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  • Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019

WeGame's predecessor, the Tencent Games Platform, had 200 million users by the time it rebranded. — AFP Relaxnews

Chinese Internet giant Tencent has made its PC gaming store available outside of China via portal registered in Hong Kong, with 22 games available and support from companies behind the Metro, No Man's Sky and Divinitygames on the way.

After PC gaming platform Steam partnered with Chinese publisher Perfect World in November 2018 over an officially sanctioned Steam China service, Chinese company Tencent is launching its own game client internationally, as PC Gamer reports.

Available through the site's Hong Kong portal, WeGame X has launched with a focused selection of titles.

Several indie releases in side-scrolling action game ICEY and, particularly, wholesome homesteading game My Time In Portia, have already been well received internationally on computer and console, and Chinese-language life sim Chinese Parents had previously topped the Steam sales charts.

Others, though already made available outside of China, may be lesser known on a global scale but nevertheless can boast of having attained positive user ratings since earlier launches on Steam - fruit-based action game Juicy Realm, refugee adventure Home Behind, grim reaper puzzle Death Coming, light and shadow puzzle adventure Iris.Fall among them.

In addition, WeGame X Hong Kong teases upcoming partnerships with European publishers and developers Deep Silver, Larian Studios, and Hello Games.

Deep Silver's stable includes the Metro, Saints Row, and Dead Island franchises, plus recently released, ambitiously meticulous small-team fantasy adventure Outward, while Larian is known for the story-driven role-playing franchise Divinity, and Hello Games has been delivering iterative improvements to sci-fi universe explorer No Man's Sky since a 2016 launch.

Tencent has a stake in Fortnite developer Epic Games, which owns and operates the Epic Games Store, launched in December 2018.

Like EGS, as well as the Steam store, GOG, Itch.io, and game stores run by publishers like Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, WeGame X has its own standalone PC client application, which Tencent is calling Entropy. - AFP Relaxnews


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