Can you survive the Xenomorph in upcoming mobile game ‘Alien: Blackout’?

You have to avoid getting spotted by the Xenomorph in Alien: Blackout. — D3 Go!

In space, no one can hear you scream. But who knows what the alien in this soon-to-be-released game can do to you.

Alien: Blackout is an upcoming survival horror game by developer D3 Go! for the mobile gaming platform. Players take on the role of Amanda Ripley (the daughter of the heroine in the Alien film series, Ellen Ripley) who is trapped on board a space station with a murderous alien.

Your mission is to avoid getting spotted by the alien, rescue crew members and basically, just stay alive.

The game comes with seven levels that require players to guide Amanda and her crew through a series of challenging tasks using the station's emergency system.

The game has also been described as a new chapter in the Alien franchise. Based on the 30-second trailer, it seems that players have to navigate themselves in a spaceship with limited light source.  

If you don't like the way your game ends, try again. According to the developer's notes, decisions in the game can lead to different outcomes. Players are encouraged to test out different strategies and theories to see which one is best for survival and of course, to make it through all the levels.

Not sure if Facehuggers are included in this experience.

The developer has announced via Twitter that the game will be available for download via iOS and Google Play Store on Jan 24. Currently, there are no details on pricing information.


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