Three interactive robots from Viva Technology

All kinds of robots were on show at the 2018 edition of the Viva Technology international event for innovation and startups in Paris, France, providing commercial, domestic and industrial solutions.

In fact, this year's event, which wrapped up this weekend, featured a special "Robot Park," where various machines capable of interacting or communicating with humans were demoed. Here are three standout robots from the show.


French start-up Cybedroid had its latest robot, Alice, on show at Viva Technology. Like its Leenby – an older model also at the show – this robot can be customised for different uses, such as meet and greet, customer service and accompanying or supporting people.

Intelligent, multilingual and autonomous, Alice adapts to situations by communicating with her various users, whom she is capable of recognising thanks to onboard facial-recognition technology. The robot can also move around easily thanks to a built-in navigation system. It's even possible to shake Alice's hand!


In a similar style, Heasy is an autonomous reboot from Hease Robotics dedicated to welcoming and guiding users. It is billed as a kind of robotic kiosk for public places and their audiences, providing information in an interactive way.

The robot has an interactive screen, as well as a communicative face, and can answer user questions and provide information. It also has a video-conferencing function.


Although it isn't new, InMoov was no doubt one of the most original and spectacular robots on show at Viva Technology, accompanied by its designer, Gael Langevin. Built entirely from open source components and infinitely customisable, the InMoov robot can move around autonomously and communicate with people.

Moreover, anyone can reproduce all or part of the robot by downloading instruction sets for each part of its "body" (free of charge) and printing them with a 3D printer. Tutorials are available on the InMoov website. — AFP Relaxnews


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