4G+ connectivity is available in Malaysia

Lee says that Malaysia needs more devices that are 4G+ ready. — P. NATHAN/The Star

Lee says that Malaysia needs more devices that are 4G+ ready. — P. NATHAN/The Star

YES offers faster download speed with its network.

Malaysians could possibly enjoy download speeds of over 110Mbps on their smartphone, provided they subscribe to YES and that their gadget supports 4G+ connectivity.

“YES has already made it available nationwide, but there aren’t many smartphones in Malaysia that supports 4G+. From what we could tell, only Samsung Note 8 has the technology that allows its users to enjoy this benefit for now,” said YTL Communications Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Wing K. Lee.

“We need more devices that are 4G+ ready, and applications that would benefit from the experience,” added Lee as he conducted a speed test to compare the YES 4G and 4G+ services.

The 4G+ download speed at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, where the press conference was held, topped out at around 118Mbps, while the 4G reached about 37Mbps.

Wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal recently recognised YES as the telecommunications provider with the fastest overall download speed and the best LTE signal availability in Malaysia.

With a robust 4G LTE network and a reportedly 85% population coverage nationwide, YES is also claimed to be the first telco in Malaysia to provide a VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) service that offers high-definition voice and video calls.

Lee shared that the company has invested over RM4bil to better the digital infrastructure in Malaysia.

“We support the digital economy of Malaysia and to do that, we must have the right infrastructure. YES already has a 4G network built nationwide, and we can seamlessly expand to 5G when the time comes,” said Lee.

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Ali Tabassi added that YES doesn’t have any plans to lower the spectrum to provide signals indoors. “Instead, we are looking at ways to improve the coverage from within the building,” said Ali.

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