Tor Messenger offers encrypted, instant messaging

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  • Wednesday, 04 Nov 2015

Following in the wake of its web browser, the anonymous network Tor has released a beta version of a new instant messenger.

Tor Messenger is a new instant messaging program based on Instantbird, an open source instant messenger client provided by the Mozilla Foundation.

This new program is already compatible with several networks including Jabber, IRC, Google Talk, Facebook Chat and Yahoo!

The idea is to be able to continue to communicate with your pre-existing contacts without leaving any trace, by masking your identity.

Tor Messenger's designers want to go further than software like Pidgin and Adium which enable encrypted messaging between users.

Their intention is for instant messages to be totally untraceable. The plan for a more elaborate instant messenger is only at the early stages and many updates are expected.

A network where you can be anonymous

Tor is a decentralised anonymous network which theoretically enables the user to be completely untraceable on the Internet.

It is based on the principle of a mix network which consists of a large number of layers of routers, i.e., many "nodes" which channel information through the network, thereby ensuring that its users remain anonymous.

By using the Tor network, the surfer's personal data (IP address, country, etc.) theoretically cannot be localised by visited websites. Currently Tor's most popular application is a web browser of the same name.

Check out Tor: — AFP Relaxnews


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