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New dating app lets you find love by looking in people’s fridge

Out of luck when it comes to dating? Have you tried all the apps, to no avail?

The new app "Refrigerdating" allows users to take a peek inside other people's fridges and decide whether you like them based on what's inside. — dpa

Google Pay joining Apple Pay as payment option on eBay

Last week eBay announced that Google Pay will be a customer payment option beginning next month.

Purchase easily on eBay through your phone with Google Pay. — AFP Relaxnews

Strong, driven and female: Ladies are doing it for themselves in tech-related fields

From handling successful YouTube channels to developing mobile apps and videogames, women are making their presence felt in the so-called “male-dominated” industries.

Women are making inroads into male-dominated Stem fields. — AFP Relaxnews

‘Fortnite’ publisher adds a dozen store exclusives: ‘The Outer Worlds’, more

Epic Games continues to disrupt online PC gaming retail with 12 more titles set for some form of Epic Games Store exclusivity, while revealing sales data for debut preferential release, Metro: Exodus.

Developed by two of the key staff behind the 'Fallout' franchise, 'The Outer Worlds' is expected later in 2019. — Obsidian Ent/Private Division

Volvo Cars to slow speedy teens, drunk drivers with new fob, in-car cameras

Volvo has announced the launch of the Care Key and the integration of in-car cameras in new vehicles, a pair of innovations designed to support the company's Vision 2020.

Volvo brings cameras and sensors in the vehicle to monitor driver focus. — Volvo

Japan looking to robots and AI to help care for its ageing population

With a rapidly ageing population, Japan is increasingly looking to robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to help caregivers in nursing homes take care of elderly people.

Japan's ageing population requires more investment in technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots, according to a recent government report. — dpa

20 years later, 'Final Fantasy 7' reboot to arrive on Nintendo Switch

Two decades after its launch on the PlayStation, the Final Fantasy saga is now arriving in the Nintendo world with the Switch debut of the acclaimed 'Final Fantasy 7'.

This RPG allows up to three playable characters in a combat troop. — Square Enix/dpa

Faster gaming on Windows: DirectX 12 coming to Windows 7 computers

Anyone playing games on a Windows 7 computer will soon be able run games faster and sometimes get better graphics thanks to an update to Microsoft DirectX.

No longer just for deep thought: Toilets get a high-tech makeover

Toilets have joined the modern world. There are ones that wash and dry down below, that warm the seat to your desired temperature, log your personal preferences and suck up odours. Could a toilet even help save the world?

Consumers are encouraged to think seriously about their personal well-being when it comes to their private time in the bathroom. — dpa

Just how close does Huawei's MateBook 13 match Apple's MacBook Air?

Huawei wants to play in the big leagues when it comes to notebooks, unleashing its MateBook 13 as the rival to Apple's MacBook Air. But how do they stack up against one another when put to the test?

They look the same and are only different in the minor details: Apple's MacBook Air (left) and Huawei's rival laptop, the MateBook 13. — dpa