Fostering local business growth together

FINANCIAL institutions, alongside other organisations, are vital pillars in fostering the success of local businesses. Together, they provide essential resources, expertise, and networks that empower entrepreneurs, drive economic growth, and cultivate thriving communities.

The #JomSapot BeliLokal campaign, a collaboration between Star Media Group (SMG) and RHB Banking Group, launched in February 2022, aims to support Malaysian SMEs during challenging periods by leveraging RHB Bank's financial offerings and SMG's extensive media reach.

Participating SMEs benefit from exposure across The Star, mStar, and 988FM, with RHB Bank facilitating solutions that could help SMEs with their business cash flow while optimising the efficiency of their business.

Two merchants who experienced significant benefits upon joining the #JomSapot BeliLokal initiative shared their journey.

Pulai Springs Resort: Embracing local excellence in hospitality

Nestled at the foothills of Mount Pulai in Johor, Pulai Springs Resort is a recreational retreat - boasting five swimming pools and offering over 120 rooms, apartment suites and family rooms amidst Malaysia’s stunning flora and fauna.

Pulai Springs Resort marketing communications manager Charlotte Monterio shares the resort's remarkable journey with the #JomSapot BeliLokal campaign.

"Pulai Springs Resort has been part of the #JomSapot initiative for four years, since 2020 during the pandemic. Through the #JomSapot BeliLokal campaign, the hotel has experienced a boost in direct bookings on its website, facilitated by a prominently featured link on the campaign website page, seamlessly guiding visitors to explore our hotel offerings and make reservations with ease."

Highlighting the positive impacts, she notes, "Participating in this campaign has elevated the hotel’s business visibility and fostered increased customer engagement.

“Online reviews and customer sentiments have shown a positive shift due to the hotel’s involvement in this campaign.

“By complementing this initiative with an inclusive and unique promotion code, Pulai Springs Resort was able to easily track the bookings (for accommodation) coming in from the public using that promotion code on the website."

Emphasising the role in community support, Monterio states, "This campaign has supported the local community by promoting local businesses, and the hotel has played a role by actively participating in its initiatives."

Describing promotional efforts, she adds, "As part of the campaign, we have taken part in promotional activities, including offering exclusive discounts on accommodations.

“Guests can enjoy these special rates by using a designated promotion code when booking directly on our website, with additional benefits available for those who pay using an RHB card, thereby encouraging direct bookings and enhancing the overall guest experience.”

She shares that customers could choose the hotel for their stay due to its outstanding service, picturesque surroundings, diverse accommodations, complimentary breakfast and a commitment to supporting local businesses for a memorable and enriching experience.

The resort also demonstrates social responsibility within the #JomSapot BeliLokal campaign by sourcing supplies locally, supporting nearby businesses and engaging in community initiatives to foster sustainable growth and development.

Reflecting on customer feedback and loyalty, Monterio explains, "Participation in the campaign has not only boosted customer engagement and loyalty but has also resulted in a considerable number of returning guests making bookings."

She highlights that, "Pulai Springs Resort intends to continue participating in the #JomSapot Belilokal campaign in the future, with plans for ongoing involvement in promoting local initiatives.

"For businesses considering joining the campaign, she recommends, "Actively engaging with the community, promoting collaboration among local businesses, and leveraging digital marketing channels to reach a wider audience.”

Elite Greenmart: Natural elegance through local engagement

Elite Greenmart provides a fresh online shopping experience, offering high-quality natural products sourced globally, while sharing the same passion as the manufacturers who stand by their supplied goods.

Elite Greenmart has been actively involved in the #JomSapot initiative since October 2021.

According to Elite Greenmart chief commercial officer Steven Cha they have joined as a merchant, listing their products on the #JomSapot platform.

“We participated in an AI-powered customised video featuring local celebrity Sazzy Falak, and more recently, engaged in #JomSapot BeliLokal Campaign - 988 Facebook Live Selling,” he shares.

Reflecting on the impact of the campaign on sales and visibility, Cha explains, "We've observed a noticeable increase in the diversity of our customer base and an uptick in sales since joining the campaign.”

When discussing the support received from the campaign, Cha emphasises, "The campaign has provided us with tremendous support, such as a customised video featuring a celebrity and opportunities for live selling with a well-known artist. These resources have enhanced our positioning in the market."

Cha further elaborates on the campaign's contribution to customer engagement and loyalty, stating, "The emphasis on 'Beli Local' has directly engaged customers and fostered loyalty to Elite Greenmart.”

Regarding collaborations with local producers, Cha reveals, "We have plans to introduce a new category segment featuring products from local producers, scheduled to go live on our website in May 2024.

“We've also acted as a platform for selected local brands, furthering our commitment to supporting local businesses."

On the number of products sold under Elite Greenmart, Cha highlights, "Approximately 20 products have been sold since we joined the campaign.”

Elite Greenmart continuously expands its product range to cater to customers' needs and preferences.

Looking ahead, Cha explains, "We intend to continue our involvement in the campaign, recognising the need for such large-scale resources campaign support to define our brand values and align with our international approach.”

A collective journey for success

Pulai Springs Resort and Elite Greenmart stand as pillars of success within the #JomSapot BeliLokal campaign, exemplifying the impact of collaborative efforts in supporting local businesses and fostering sustainable growth.

As they continue to thrive, their journey highlights the importance of active community engagement and commitment to supporting local initiatives for a resilient and flourishing community.

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