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Xilnex’s complete solutions are suited to retail and F&B business needs, empowering them to expand to more markets.Xilnex’s complete solutions are suited to retail and F&B business needs, empowering them to expand to more markets.

Web Bytes Sdn Bhd empowers retailers with innovative technology solutions

ESTABLISHED in 2007, Web Bytes Sdn Bhd has been at the forefront of innovation, crafting dynamic and feature-rich retail solutions to empower businesses. Its mission is simple: to provide clients with tailor-made, reliable and forward-thinking digital solutions that drive growth, efficiency and success.

With a skilful team of founders and software engineers, the company brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, efficient at addressing customer pain points with its software platforms and infrastructures.

Having collaborated with numerous multinational corporations, the Web Bytes team has developed its expertise in developing cutting-edge SaaS platforms and business solutions.

From cutting-edge technology like Xilnex Omnichannel (Point-of-Sales) POS System to the Lightweight version of iPad POS and Android Mobile POS that cater for small and medium-sized enterprises and chain-store enterprise merchants internationally.

Web Bytes provides an end-to-end ecosystem of retail tech solutions designed to simplify operations and drive business growth.

The lineup includes Xilnex LiveOrder, Xilnex Loyalty App and Xilnex Voucher Network to enhance customer engagement.

With these solutions, Xilnex develops robust and scalable software that suits the retail and food and beverage (F&B) business needs, empowering the business to expand to more markets.

Recognising the importance of data analytics in customer retention and growth, Xilnex introduces Xilnex Insights, a cutting-edge solution.

It provides valuable insights such as customer segmentation, identifying key customers and assessing churn risk.

This enables merchants to better understand customer behaviour and run more effective marketing campaigns for increased profitability.

Additionally, Xilnex has created a unique feature known as the CX Builder, aimed at streamlining the customer journey through automated processes.

With preset automation settings, this technology is designed to mimic human behaviour, automatically rewarding vouchers or credits upon task completion.

Thus, it helps them coordinate accordingly for everyone to receive sufficient help and support to complete their task, enabling the stronger ones to help those in need.

Web Bytes is committed to continuous improvement tailored to the needs of businesses.

On top of its strong market presence in Malaysia, Web Bytes’ Xilnex solution has made its mark in various Asean countries, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

In addition, it has established registered regional offices in Cambodia and Vietnam to better serve the needs of its local customers.

With a global presence of over 5,000 customers and 30,000 installations worldwide, its reach continues to grow, revolutionising businesses on a global scale.

Web Bytes Sdn Bhd does not just provide solutions; it is paving the way for a brighter F&B and retail future.

It is committed to empowering the F&B and retail sectors, embracing change and seeing challenges as opportunities.

With a forward-thinking vision, the team believes in endless possibilities and strives to turn obstacles into avenues for growth.

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