Royal Canin Malaysia market head Teh Meng Li shares the company’s commitment to leading the charge in petcare education.Royal Canin Malaysia market head Teh Meng Li shares the company’s commitment to leading the charge in petcare education.

Royal Canin shares ambitious goal by advancing pet care for cats and dogs in Malaysia through education

WITH a focus on continual research, Royal Canin is on a mission to enhance the well-being of pets by providing precise pet health nutrition, drawing on its experience and knowledge in the field.

The company’s dedication to pet health traces back to its founder, veterinarian Jean Carthary, who recognised the impact of nutrition on animals’ well-being.

One of the avenues through which Royal Canin spreads its message is by targeting a young audience.

Collaborating with Kidzania, Royal Canin aims to educate children about pet care and nutrition in an interactive and enjoyable manner as the brand truly believes that they are the veterinarians of tomorrow.

By instilling a sense of responsibility and compassion towards animals, Royal Canin hopes to contribute to the long-term well-being of cats and dogs.

Through this collaboration, Royal Canin integrates pet care insights into the edutainment landscape, making information on nurturing pets and responsible pet owners accessible to future generations in an engaging manner.

Inducting the young

Royal Canin Malaysia market head Teh Meng Li highlights the interactive nature of this initiative, stating, “Our focus has always been on making learning enjoyable, and this collaboration epitomises that ethos.

“We built an education section within the child-sized city where children can engage in various activities, including playing the role of a vet.”

“We hope that this collaboration with Kidzania will contribute to the edutainment landscape for a ‘Better World for Pets’,” she elaborates.

Teh also shared the company’s commitment to develop professional pet care within the industry, through hosting events like the Vet Symposium that provides a platform for the Pet Professional Community to exchange knowledge and enhance skills through discussions and seminars.

Highlighting the programme’s credibility, Teh comments that: “the Vet Symposium is endorsed by the Malaysian Vet Council and participants are awarded Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for taking part in this event.”

Royal Canin also demonstrates its commitment to professional development within the industry by hosting annual events like the Vet Symposium.

Pet professionals are required to acquire CPD points to stay current in their field.

This ensures that veterinarians continuously enhance their knowledge and skills; points can be obtained by participating in relevant training and workshops.

Business programme for pet shops

In addition to the Vet Symposium, Royal Canin’s Pet Shop University programme offers valuable insights into business practices and consumer trends for pet shop owners and staff.

By equipping participants with essential knowledge and resources, this initiative aims to foster business growth while enhancing pet well-being.

Furthermore, Royal Canin collaborates with professional governing organisations like the Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA) to promote health through nutrition.

MSAVA is the main organisation for pet practitioners issues and advisor to government bodies relating to pet issues.

In 2023, Royal Canin joined and hosted the MSAVA’s National Scientific Congress from Jul 7 to 9, hosting the pre-conference dinner symposium with the topic “Cardiovascular disease: unveil the unknown”.

Moreover, Royal Canin engages directly with pet owners through events like Pet World and the Kucing Expo, offering opportunities to educate and promote responsible pet ownership.

“Drawing in tens of thousands of visitors, these events provide direct opportunities to engage with pet owners and educate them on responsible pet ownership and preventive care.

“We also provided on-site vet assessment during last year’s exhibitions as part of our ‘Take Your Pets To The Vet’ global initiative, reaffirming our dedication to fostering preventive care,” she shares.

The upcoming ‘Beautiful Pets’ campaign will highlight the importance of pets’ overall health, emphasising the crucial link between nutrition and pets’ health.

This campaign will set the undertone for this year’s roadshow and introduce new pet food products addressing hair and skin concerns.

Additionally, the “start of life” initiative will educate pet owners about the importance of nutrition at various stages of a pet’s life, emphasising the significance of starting with the right nutrition from the birth to ensure their well-being in later stages.

As Royal Canin continues to expand its educational initiatives and partnerships, the ultimate goal remains unchanged: to raise the nutritional standards and improve the health and well-being of cats and dogs.

Through collaborative efforts and ongoing education, Royal Canin strives to make a lasting impact on the lives of pets and their owners.

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