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Haier’s UV Cool air conditioners feature smart technology, health-focused innovation and elegant design for the family to relax in a cool, healthy indoor environment.Haier’s UV Cool air conditioners feature smart technology, health-focused innovation and elegant design for the family to relax in a cool, healthy indoor environment.

HAIER Malaysia stands at the forefront of the home appliance industry, consistently pushing limits to redefine the standards of comfort and innovation.

Under the brand philosophy of Inspired Living, Haier introduces the UV Cool Premium (VXA series) and UV Cool Smart (VRA series) air conditioners – setting a new benchmark for smart, efficient, and health-focused cooling solutions.

Haismart WiFi

The integration of Haismart WiFi connectivity distinguishes Haier’s UV Cool series as a true representation of smart living.

The built-in WiFi module enables users to control their air conditioners from any location through the Haismart app.

This not only enhances users’ convenience but also empowers them with real-time control over their indoor environment.

UV-C sterilisation

At the core of these air conditioners is the innovative UV-C sterilisation technology.

Certified by the world-leading testing, inspection and certification company SGS, and the international contract research organisation Texcell, this technology goes beyond cooling by effectively inhibiting airborne viruses and bacteria up to 99%.

These air conditioners purify the air by emitting UV-C band rays and generating positive and negative ions groups.

With this technology, users can trust Haier to create a healthier indoor environment, particularly in addressing challenges such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the infectious Covid-19 disease.

Flagship elegance

The UV Cool Premium (VXA series) emerges as the flagship model, incorporating elegance with functionality.

Adorned in a sleek black colour, this model not only cools efficiently but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Haier’s commitment to providing premium solutions is evident in the design and performance of the UV Cool Premium, catering to those who seek a harmonious blend of style and substance.

Complementing the flagship model is the UV Cool Smart (VRA series), designed with emphasis on intelligent living for modern homes.

This series integrates advanced cooling solutions with a sleek design, appealing to consumers who prioritise both technological innovation and aesthetic appeal in their home appliances.

Market leader

From its establishment in 1984 to becoming an international leading solutions provider, Haier Group’s journey is marked by consistent innovation and prioritisation of people’s values.

With over 38,000 patents globally, Haier has secured its position as the No.1 global major appliances brand for 15 consecutive years, according to Euromonitor International Limited – publisher of statistical reference guides, marketing directories and industrial reports.

This accolade serves as a testament to Haier’s commitment to providing solutions that improve the quality of life.

Haier Malaysia’s dedication to excellence has also been recognised, as evidenced by its bronze win in the personal, household, and outdoor appliances category at the Putra Aria Brand Awards 2023, which reinforces Haier’s reputation as a brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

Haier has 10 research centres, 24 industrial parks, 66 marketing centres and 108 manufacturing plants worldwide.

Its range of products include refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, residential and commercial air conditioners, TVs, kitchen appliances, dryers and water heaters.

Haier’s extensive selection of commercial air-conditioning solutions range from light commercial systems like cassette, duct and multi-split to MRV and chillers.

Consumers can find Haier products in 1,500 electrical shops and 30 Haier brand shops nationwide.

Empowering consumers

Haier’s UV Cool Premium (VXA series) and UV Cool Smart (VRA series) air conditioners represent a paradigm shift in home cooling – blending smart technology, health-focused innovation and elegant design.

To guide consumers through their purchase journey, the brand encourages users to visit Haier authorised shops to experience firsthand the advanced features and benefits of the UV Cool series, where knowledgeable staff is available to assist them in making informed decisions.

Users can also explore Haier’s official website for comprehensive product specifications, features, and additional details.

Additionally, they can visit Haier on Facebook to stay updated on their offerings.

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