HONOR Magic V2: A foldable smartphone thinner than a standard smartphone

Weighing at just 231g, the HONOR Magic V2 has a thickness of just 9.9mm when folded and 4.7mm when unfolded.

IN AN era dominated by technology, the relentless pace of innovation in the smartphone industry has led to the introduction of groundbreaking designs, with foldable smartphones at the forefront of this transformative wave.

The problem with these new-generation smartphones, however, is that they are generally on the heavy side, weighing more to accommodate the folding technology.

Breaking away from this trend, HONOR has launched its latest technological breakthrough with the release of the world’s thinnest and lightest inward-foldable smartphone – the HONOR Magic V2.

Thinnest and lightest inward-foldable on the market

The HONOR Magic V2 employs over 180 patented technologies to reconstruct its body to create a foldable phone that is not only lighter and thinner, but also more robust and durable.

Weighing at just 231g, with a thickness of 9.9mm when folded and 4.7mm when unfolded, the HONOR Magic V2 is the first foldable smartphone with a thickness below 1cm after folding, ushering in the millimetre era of foldable devices.

This provides consumers with a body thickness comparable to a regular phone when folded.

This achievement has turned heads in the industry, as it was generally believed that the thinnest a foldable phone could be was no less than 11mm (1.1cm), because making a foldable phone any thinner could cause issues with the Type-C interface.

HONOR was able to achieve this feat by moving away from traditional ideas of foldable phones with the introduction of a new design perspective that fuses two separate screens.

This splits the phone into two parts to make the HONOR Magic V2 even slimmer than traditional smartphones.

The HONOR Magic V2 employs over 180 patented technologies to reconstruct its body.The HONOR Magic V2 employs over 180 patented technologies to reconstruct its body.

Additionally, the HONOR Magic V2 also undergoes internal system reconstruction to achieve this slim design.

To prevent the device’s processor from overheating, an ultra-thin vapour chamber (VC) called the HONOR ultra-thin bionic VC cooling system is built into the phone to maintain optimal performance for long-term durability.

The HONOR Magiv V2 even comes with a self-developed antenna, which features a three-millimetre-thin design, and customised slender dual-unit speaker components.

Silicon-carbon battery

The smartphone’s 5000mAh battery capacity has an astonishing thickness of only 2.72mm, marking the thinnest battery in the industry, achieving a slim body without compromising the long-lasting battery life experience.

The remarkably slim body of the HONOR Magic V2 owes much to the use of its silicon-carbon battery, which utilises a new generation of silicon-carbon anode materials.

HONOR is a brand pioneering the use of silicon-carbon anode battery material technology in the smartphone industry, achieving large-scale commercial use, which was subsequently followed by Huawei.

Silicon-carbon composite materials used as an anode material can enhance battery capacity and energy density by 12.8%, thus extending battery life.

Compared to graphite anodes, the limit of silicon anodes is ten times higher, theoretically meaning that silicon-carbon anodes can directly increase battery energy density by an order of magnitude.

The HONOR Magic V2’s hinge caps utilise HONOR Shield Steel to reduce thickness by 25%, while increasing strength by 20%.The HONOR Magic V2’s hinge caps utilise HONOR Shield Steel to reduce thickness by 25%, while increasing strength by 20%.

Slim, yet durable

While striving for a lightweight and slim design, HONOR didn’t make any concessions when it came to durability.

The company has incorporated titanium materials into the HONOR Magic V2 hinge caps and applied them to the relatively fragile central axis.

The main part of the hinge extensively utilises the brand-new self-developed HONOR Shield Steel, reducing thickness by 25% compared to regular steel, while increasing strength by 20%.

This enables the HONOR Magic V2 to balance both a lean design and long-term durability.

Thanks to the new-and-improved hinge, The HONOR Magic V2 is capable of folding over 400,000 times, earning it the globally recognised SGS high-reliability folding quality gold standard certification.

The HONOR Magic V2 evolutionary design marks a significant chapter for foldable smartphones, transforming them from experimental novelties into devices that offer flagship-level performance coupled with an industry-defining design.

The HONOR Magic V2 will be launched in Malaysia on Jan 16 and will be available starting from RM7,169.

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