Pioneering energy efficiency and cleaner air with Panasonic’s ceiling fans

A ceiling fan not only contributes to maintaining a pleasant indoor environment, but also to energy-saving efforts.A ceiling fan not only contributes to maintaining a pleasant indoor environment, but also to energy-saving efforts.

IN the wake of the announcement by the National Resources, Environment and Climate Change Ministry regarding the minimum 25% increase in electricity bill charges for high-consumption and T20 users, households and businesses alike find themselves grappling with the reality of higher utility costs.

This alarming spike has prompted many to critically examine their energy consumption habits and actively seek out more energy-efficient home appliances.

In recognition of the evolving needs of modern households and the demand for more efficient home solutions, Panasonic offers a range of ceiling fans equipped with energy-saving direct current (DC) motors and cutting-edge features that go beyond the traditional functions of a fan.

Super energy-saving

Panasonic’s ceiling fans are all built with DC motors that not only create a strong and stable airflow, but also use up to 55% less energy than fans with alternating current (AC) motors.

This is because the DC motors’ rotor rotates using a system of magnets of opposing polarity which requires less electrical energy.

This system also aids in noise management, as DC motor fans operate much more quietly than AC motor fans, thanks to their compact and lighter motors.

Some Panasonic ceiling fan models even come with twin DC motors for a more powerful airflow, without losing out on energy efficiency.

Cutting-edge features

Apart from its energy efficiency, Panasonic’s ceiling fans go one step further by purifying your living space to keep you safe indoors, using its signature nanoe™ X technology.

The fans are capable of eliminating and deodorising odours, as well as inhibiting airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen, and other allergens. nanoe™ X even uses microscopic water particles to moisturise skin, and make your hair look sleeker and straighter.

Panasonic’s range of mid-size ceiling fans even comes with Panasonic’s Mondo motion sensor feature to reduce unconscious waste of energy.

Provided that the ceiling fan is installed at the recommended height between 2.5 to 3.5 metres, the motion sensor feature can detect human movement and activity within a 4-metre range.

The sensor will then respond according to the intensity of activity detected to change the fan speed, meaning that the fan will adjust its speed accordingly, based on the level of activity in the room.

For example, if little movement is detected the fan will maintain its speed as set by the user, while in high activity situations, such as when mopping the floor, the fan will increase its speed by two speed levels after five minutes of high activity.

In situations where there is no movement or activity detected, the fan will reduce its speed by three speed levels after five minutes and will slow down to the user’s minimum speed setting after 20 minutes of inactivity.

In terms of connectivity, Panasonic has fitted its ceiling fans with a new level of personalised control thanks to the WiFan (WiFi Ceiling Fan) feature.

Now, users can enter a new generation of control using the WiFan mobile app as their remote control.

With the app, you can control and manage your fans from anywhere without hassle, as well as customise and set your preferred light and speed settings based on your activity and usage.

Panasonic offers a range of ceiling fans equipped with cutting-edge features that go beyond traditional functions of a fan.Panasonic offers a range of ceiling fans equipped with cutting-edge features that go beyond traditional functions of a fan.

Improved air quality

Panasonic’s ceiling fans are offered in a range of sizes, catering to small, medium and large spaces, and come with a variety of blade options, including three, four and five-blade configurations.

The blades also use a 3D design that makes them durable and lightweight to generate maximum air delivery with minimal noise.

With the enhanced blades, these ceiling fans are able to create an optimum and comfortable airflow that aids in the circulation of cool air for improved air quality.

On top of that, ceiling fan models equipped with Panasonic’s 1/f Yuragi function offer improved airflow for a more relaxed setting.

This feature uses a sophisticated formula to fluctuate airflow patterns to generate a gentle breeze, with varying velocity and controlling wind force to give off a peaceful and comfortable feel.

This maintains your external body temperature by giving you a feel of natural wind when there is a change in wind velocity.

Panasonic fans also come with a reverse function (only for WiFan Series) that rotates the fan blades clockwise to draw cool air upwards, so that it can be circulated around the room for even airflow and to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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