Transforming risk to resilience

CRRC helps patients achieve their health goals by partnering them with medical experts to create a plan of action.CRRC helps patients achieve their health goals by partnering them with medical experts to create a plan of action.

Institut Jantung Negara’s Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic (CRRC) will focus on prevention and early intervention.

CARDIOVASCULAR disease is still the leading cause of death worldwide, representing a silent epidemic affecting millions of lives every year.

Against these sobering statistics, experts agree that reducing the risk of heart disease is the best defence against this silent epidemic.

However, in our fast-paced world, it can be hard to make our heart health a priority while juggling the demands of daily life.

Recognising that heart disease is a multifaceted problem, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) has set up its Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic (CRRC) to support and empower patients in managing their heart health.

Rather than focusing solely on the heart, the CRRC encompasses the management of related conditions, including diabetes, lipid management, hypertension and obesity.

The CRRC places prevention and early intervention at its core by helping patients identify and address risk factors head-on.

This proactive approach serves to guide patients in embracing healthier habits to not only manage their current health conditions but also minimise their risk of developing more severe complications later on.

The CRRC also adopts a patient-centred philosophy, where the patients actively partner with medical experts to devise a plan of action that fits with their health goals.

This includes routine check-ups, a balanced dietary regimen, exercise routines, stress management strategies and other measures to fortify the heart's resilience.

Another key factor in the CRRC’s success thus far lies in its multidisciplinary approach. Bringing together a diverse team of healthcare professionals under one roof, the clinic employs collaboration to offer comprehensive and personalised care.

For instance, the clinic’s specialist physicians manage patients’ treatment plans, adjusting them to suit the patient’s unique needs through continuous evaluation and monitoring.

CRRC dietitians work with patients to create healthy meal plans and educate them on making informed food choices.CRRC dietitians work with patients to create healthy meal plans and educate them on making informed food choices.

This is complemented by nurse educators, who equip patients with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate their heart health with confidence.

These highly-trained nurse educators are also able to work with patients in problem-solving – that is, identifying their personal barriers to good heart health and brainstorming creative ways of overcoming them.

With nutrition being pivotal for optimal heart health, the CRRC’s dietitians work closely with patients to create individualised, heart-healthy meal plans.

This includes educating people on making informed food choices such as reducing the intake of salt and saturated fat while increasing the consumption of heart-boosting nutrients.

Similarly, the clinic’s physiotherapists help patients develop customised fitness plans that cater to patients’ needs and limitations.

It is never too late to pursue a healthier and more fulfilling life, especially when it comes to your heart. With its wealth of expertise and pragmatic approach, the CRRC can help you take that first step towards better heart health and an increased quality of life.

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