KYUEM celebrates stellar A-Level success

Kolej Yayasan UEM’s seven outstanding graduates received their respective recognition at the KYUEM Awards Day 2023.Kolej Yayasan UEM’s seven outstanding graduates received their respective recognition at the KYUEM Awards Day 2023.

KOLEJ Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) has once again taken the spotlight with its outstanding performance in the recently published Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) A-level results for May/June 2023.

It is a time of immense pride as the institution rejoices in the remarkable achievements of its graduating seniors, who joined KYUEM in July 2021 and January 2022.

Additionally, the AS-level results for its new senior students, who embarked on their educational journey in July 2022, indicate a promising start to their academic future.

The release of A-level grade data is not just a mere formality; it is a testament to KYUEM's unwavering commitment to nurturing future leaders destined for the world's top international universities, particularly in the UK and the USA.

A remarkable 41% of all A-level grades achieved by its students were A*, the highest grade attainable. A commendable 75% of the grades fell within the A* and A bracket. Additionally, a noteworthy 91% of grades achieved fell within the A* to B range, reaffirming the institution's profound dedication to academic excellence.

Delving further into the statistics, it becomes evident that 61% of KYUEM's graduating students secured a minimum of 3 A grades at full A level, with an impressive 28% achieving a remarkable 4 A grades.

The academic prowess of its students is further reinforced by the fact that 51% of them achieved the coveted straight A/A* grades, and an astounding 27% reached even greater heights with 3 A* grades or better. These numbers bear testimony to the unwavering commitment and dedication of KYUEM students to their educational pursuits.

Turning to the AS-level results of its current senior students, who were still juniors in May/June, KYUEM finds yet another reason to celebrate. An impressive 87% of all AS-level grades achieved by these young talents were either A or B grades, with a remarkable 71% at A grade.

The significance of these A-level grades cannot be overstated; they serve as the golden ticket to the world's most prestigious universities.

In this academic year, three of KYUEM's graduating seniors have earned coveted spots at the University of Cambridge, while three others are set to embark on their academic journey at the esteemed University of Oxford.

Furthermore, 61 of its departing seniors will soon commence their academic endeavors at top-tier London universities, including University College London (UCL) (20), Imperial College (12), King's College (10) and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (19).

Additionally, 66 of its accomplished graduates will set their sights on renowned institutions like the University of Manchester (29), Warwick (22), Edinburgh (9), and Bristol (6).

In summary, 133 students will depart KYUEM for the top 10 British universities, as per the QS World Ranking for 2023.

It's worth noting that the competition for admission to these institutions, both locally and internationally, remains intense, with grade requirements consistently on the rise.

This trend also holds true for applicants seeking higher education in the USA, particularly within the elite universities favoured by KYUEM students.

In a remarkable display of academic excellence, eight KYUEM graduates have received offers for enrollment at Ivy League universities in the United States, including Harvard (2), Yale (1), Cornell (4), and Columbia (1).

Moreover, four of its accomplished graduates have received offers from the prestigious University of Michigan, while two have earned coveted spots at the distinguished University of Washington.

Additionally, individual graduates have met the stringent grade requirements of esteemed institutions such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and Northwestern Universities.

Impressively, five have secured offers from the University of California (UC) at Berkeley, seven from UC Los Angeles, and an impressive 15 from UC San Diego.

To summarise, an astounding 96% of offers received from the United States come from their top 25 universities, according to the QS World Ranking for 2023.

As KYUEM celebrates these remarkable achievements, the institution extends its heartfelt gratitude to the parents of their graduating students and the sponsoring organisations that have entrusted the education of their sons, daughters, and scholars to KYUEM. These accomplishments stand as a testament to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and the promising futures of its students.

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