Three ways to age well like Michelle Yeoh

For Michelle Yeoh, age is not a limit. You can be healthy through nourishing meals and exercise. – source:  michelleyeoh_official/InstagramFor Michelle Yeoh, age is not a limit. You can be healthy through nourishing meals and exercise. – source: michelleyeoh_official/Instagram

Do you think that ageing prevents you from experiencing life to the fullest?

For Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh who turned 60 years old, age is no limit. You can embrace ways to age gracefully.

“Age should not stop our passion for what we love to do. Exercise has played a very important part in my life, not just for my stunt work but for keeping myself both physically and mentally healthy,

“And what we eat is important too. Having a balanced diet is very important,” she said in an interview with Anlene.

Just as Yeoh mentioned, the key methods are to have a balanced diet and to keep your body healthy and active.

1. Boost vitality with exercise

“I exercise and do stretching every day. My work can be physically intensive, so I need to take care of my body by living an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Yeoh.

It is important to maintain your mobility so that you can carry out everyday activities with ease.

Regular physical activity is vital to ageing healthily. Along with other benefits such as weight management and brain health, it also helps to strengthen bones and muscles – enabling you to maintain your ability to do daily activities.¹

Try to have at least 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity or 15-30

minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity daily, or at least five days a week.

It doesn’t have to be intensive; you can start by engaging in fun activities such as brisk walking, hiking or dancing. In addition, participate in muscle-strengthening activities two or more days a week. Examples include yoga, tai chi and sit-ups or push-ups.

Being physically active can improve your mood and energy levels for the day.

2. Stay connected

Your social circle can become smaller as you age, and it is harder to maintain relationships between family and friends.

However, connecting with others is crucial. Humans are inherently social beings, and being part of a community brings meaningful moments and keeps you rooted. For Yeoh, it’s passion and people that keeps her going all these years.

A study showed that the rate of cognitive decline is reduced by an average of 70% among people who were frequently socially active. ²Having a good support network helps with adaptivity and improves mental health.

Keep in touch with your friends and family regularly. You can meet up with an old friend for coffee or invite a neighbour for morning walks every week. Feel free to meet new friends too, you can join classes or take part in volunteering.

3. Fulfil your daily nutrition with a balanced diet

As the body ages, many parts start to degenerate, such as the bones, muscles and skin, which could lead to the development of some health issues that affect our daily living. One of the ways healthy ageing can be achieved is through a balanced diet.

However, a study found that most ageing Malaysians don’t consume enough important nutrients essential for their body.³

“Balanced diet is very important. My work can be physically intensive, so I need to take care of my body by living an active and healthy lifestyle and get the proper nutrition I need. This has allowed

me to continue doing my own stunts and take on roles which are more physically challenging,” said Yeoh.

As we age, our production of digestive enzymes tends to reduce⁴ and may become less efficient in absorbing some nutrients. ⁵Hence, taking a diet that contains essential nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals has become even more important.

In addition, we need to maintain good gut function, as it helps with effective nutrient digestion and absorption. Having fibre such as inulin as part of our diet will be helpful.

“I first joined Anlene 15 years ago because their philosophy struck a chord with me. They believe in enabling you to be stronger than your age – by strengthening your bones, joints, muscles,” said Yeoh.

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Anlene Total 10 is scientifically formulated with 28 beneficial ingredients to help fulfil your daily nutritional needs together with a balanced diet. Some of the important nutrients include calcium and protein which helps to build strong bones and repair body tissues.

There is also vitamin A, which is important for eye and skin health, vitamin B2 for energy release and vitamin E as an antioxidant. While prebiotic inulin helps to maintain a good intestinal environment, iron and zinc help with the body's defence system.

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