5G: Faster, better, cheaper?

THE past years of working from home, remote learning and online shopping have heightened the importance of having fast, reliable and more affordable connectivity for work, study, play and life in general.

Whether it is to attend a virtual meeting or stream online classes, to watch our movies or shop for groceries, we need our internet connectivity to be fast, hassle-free and accessible anytime, anywhere.

While we have largely been able to do all the above albeit with some degree of latency, our digital lives are set to become much more seamless with 5G, the latest in wireless network technology.

As Malaysia continues to rapidly roll out its 5G infrastructure, Yes 5G – in line with its mandate of enabling “5G For All” – is helping to elevate more Malaysians up the technology ladder by providing the most affordable access to 5G network connectivity.

But what exactly does this mean for our lives as consumers?

To begin with, one can anticipate faster download of files, seamless mobile gaming experiences and enhanced video streaming, without having to worry about a cap in data or speed.

In fact, Yes was recently awarded by Ookla (Speedtest.com) as the fastest network in Malaysia – achieving average download and upload speeds of 569.09Mbps and 65.58Mbps respectively.

Besides that, Yes 5G will also enable you to get better for less by setting the industry benchmark in terms of mobile data price. With uncapped 5G speed and data for as low as RM30, Yes’ FT5G prepaid plan is the cheapest in the country (even among 4G plans) and among the lowest globally.

Yes 5G is offering consumers 5G services for as low as RM30 – the cheapest in the country and among the lowest globally.

As a full-fledged telco service provider with 92% nationwide coverage, Yes 5G’s network has and continues to actively expand into key urban areas across the states of Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor, Melaka and Penang. The greater bandwidth and near-instant responsiveness that 5G delivers holds the promise of an enhanced digital experience for all that will reach you sooner rather than later.

Currently, Yes 5G is running a “port-in and save” promotion, whereby customers can retain their numbers and opt in to any of its infinite postpaid plans – Basic, Standard, Premium or Ultra.

Customers who port-in to Yes 5G can enjoy uncapped 5G + 4G data for as low as RM38/month after a rebate of RM20 for six billing cycles. The promotion runs for a limited time only.

So, does Malaysia’s 5G have what it takes to make internet connectivity faster, better and cheaper? With Yes 5G, the answer is most certainly, Yes!

To find out more about Yes 5G, visit https://www.yes.my/ or any Yes 5G stores.

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