C-pop star Tia Lee's 'Goodbye Princess' breaks global records, goes viral

Lee’s ‘Goodbye Princess’ music video sets new worldwide c-pop records and creates waves on TikTok globally with #EmpowerHer campaign.Lee’s ‘Goodbye Princess’ music video sets new worldwide c-pop records and creates waves on TikTok globally with #EmpowerHer campaign.

GLOBAL Chinese pop star Tia Lee’s new music video for her single ‘Goodbye Princess’ has set a new worldwide C-pop record with 10.3 million views on Weibo within just 24 hours, as well as more than 26 million views on Youtube within five days.

Exclusively released on Dec 9 on these platforms, the hit continues to take the world by storm with 49 million views currently on YouTube.

Remarkably, it is the first ever C-pop song produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Swizz Beatz, who has produced many successful hits for internationally famous artists such as Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna and Britney Spears.

The cutting-edge music video, which is set in a glittering digital world, sees Lee realising that she must escape so that she can become her true self.

It was produced by Actual Objects, a multi-disciplinary studio based in Los Angeles, which counts Nike, Travis Scott and The North Face amongst their clients.

Prior to the release, Lee and her team ran a ground-breaking, ingenious ‘fairy-tale’ pre-release campaign that combined animation, music and fashion videography by legendary animation director Sunny Tang (of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame) and award-winning British creative director Tony C Miller.

Significant credit must also be given to Vogue style director Sanshai’s incredible styling, who created the iconic looks for the motion image series.

The campaign garnered more than 100 million views, which also set new global records and set the stage for the highly anticipated record-breaking release of ‘Goodbye Princess’ itself. These episodes are available on Lee’s official YouTube ‘Goodbye Princess’ episodes playlist.

Dressed in a red Poem dress and Christian Louboutin heels, Tia is depicted as a puppet.Dressed in a red Poem dress and Christian Louboutin heels, Tia is depicted as a puppet.

‘Goodbye Princess’ contains a powerful message that encourages women to break boundaries and strive towards a positive future; an aspiration the artist champions in her everyday life.

On popular social media platform TokTok, the hit has gone viral globally, with #1 top TikTokers in Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and the United Kingdom leading the charge with #EmpowerHerDance.

Dancers around the world have risen to the challenge of covering the choreography to this newt single, which features energetic yet rhythmic full body movements and a signature ‘goodbye’ hand gesture. The upbeat, unabashedly feminine choreography embodies a revitalisation of Lee’s mind and body after overcoming past challenges in the fashion and entertainment industry, setting her free to express her own strength.

Among the earliest dancers and personalities to have joined the dance challenge include globally renowned Australian-Filipino dancer and choreographer, Hannah Balanay (ranked #1 in Australia), Australia’s most popular creator on TikTok last year.

She is best known for her dance to Dua Lipa’s song Don’t Start Now, which went viral on the platform. Judah Metu-Teaukura and Leen Mohammed (ranked #1 in New Zealand and the Middle East, respectively) have also jumped on the bandwagon.

JLou (ranked #1 in Hong Kong) and Evie Meg (ranked #2 in the UK) also subsequently joined the global female empowerment movement dance challenge generating over half a million views and likes globally in support of the #EmpowerHer movement to date.

@thexhan / @jlouofficial@thexhan / @jlouofficial

Humbled by the global support for her ‘Goodbye Princess’ pre-release campaign, Lee feels that it is now the best opportunity to champion another cause she is passionate about. Having overcome many challenges in her career, she has recently launched the ambitious #EmpowerHer global campaign to spread the message that women all over the world can empower other women to do incredible things.

To amplify the impact of the help she can provide all around the world, Lee has initially partnered with four brilliant charities that share her goals, due to the strong belief in the work they are doing. These include Women in Music and Beats by Girlz (the United States), Teen’s Key (Hong Kong) and Daughters of Tomorrow (Singapore).

The #EmpowerHer campaign will split up to a maximum of HKD3.8mil between these selected charities. The figure was chosen as a nod to the date of International Women’s Day on March 8, with the artist to make donations to each of these important charities every time a viewing benchmark is met, so that fans can help to empower women around the world when they watch the video on YouTube.

Via the campaign, Lee is unapologetically reclaiming her power and in doing so, is inspiring others.

Check out Lee’s official social media platforms at Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to keep up-to-date on the artist’s latest releases and other information.

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